Calling Out Mets Fans, MLB Playoff Picture /Facts For Dummies

Calling Out Mets Fans

Only a fellow fan of the Amazins should do this dirty little piece of business. Only one that has suffered each and every single comedically callamitous catastrophe after the next, has the earned street cred to legitimately step up to the podium and flog fellow fanatics. Only somebody that has worn suits in team colors, started a website and labored at it since Art Howe[?] moved Jose Reyes to 2nd base to accommodate Kaz Matsui, can chastise “Mets Nation.” (Angry Ward REALLY HATES that name)… Over what, you ask? Here’s what: All over social media and the call-in shows, [so called] Mets fans are bashing the team. They are saying things like “same old Mets,” “choke artists,” and “not worth watching.” This stuff, admittedly, gets my panties in a bunch. So… Here are SOME FACTS:
The New York Mets are in the MLB Playoffs for ONLY the 10th time in their history. That’s 62 years and but 10 invites to dance. The fact that I can count them on two hands and not have to verify on The Google… SAYS. IT. ALL.
The New York Mets won 101 games. That’s a lofty achievement for ANY team in ANY era. It’s only the 4th in franchise history they have done so. Moreover, only two teams had more wins, the Dodgers and Astros.
The New York Mets were last in the post-season in 2016, when they were in a single-game Wild Card bout vs the Giants. You packed the house for that won, despite lofty expectations after LOSING the World Series in 2015. So it was okay that year that they were a Wild Card team, but not this year.
The New York Mets were in the playoffs in 2015 and 2016 DESPITE the Wilpons. Lightning was indeed caught in a bottle as Murphy, Cespedes and Wright were healthy and/or hot for an eye-blink in time. We knew, deep down, it was not a sustainable success.
The New York Mets are in the playoffs this year BECAUSE of Steve Cohen.
The New York Mets got beaten out for the division crown by the REIGNING WORLD CHAMPIONS, who are, simply put, the better team. They are deeper and younger. BUT…
The New York Mets, the veteran team that they are, have as much a puncher’s chance of winning as any 4th best team in history has ever had. They need health and some luck.

WATCH this team. SUPPORT this team. REVEL in their success. CEASE whining. #SRC #LGM #LFGM

Have some Good Mets Fun. #GMF

MLB Playoff Picture /Facts For Dummies

-San Diego Padres are arguably the best team in baseball on paper but have inexplicably underachieved.
-Altanta Braves being off, as hot as they were, may actually hurt them.
New York Mets got some mojo back, albeit vs awful Nats. But but the pressure from a fan-base that has seemingly given  up on them (see above), is off. They looked looser and have all three at home. The young “husky” (fat?)t catcher got of the schneid in a big way with a tater and two-bagger. He could be part of the aforementioned “puncher’s chance.”
Stankees will score runs. Their pitching is not up to the challenge of winning a World Series, however. Judge will only get accidental pitches to hit.
Cardinals are too old.
Rays, Jays, Phils and Guards(?) are capable but likely not there yet. Toronto, however, has upset-capability, great donuts and beer.
Angry Ward’s Mariners will win a game.

Enjoy watching your teams. Make it fun. Otherwise you are defeating the purpose. Be a fan, not a fanatic.

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