Sports Rain Man: It’s Called Soccer, NY Football Teams Win, Lose and Draw

EL BARRIO, EL FALLSHappy Monday everybody! So the most corrupt and expensive World Cup has been going on while I have been talking about Football. So today – for just a moment – I will talk  Soccer before I talk  Football. With that, here’s the menu du jour: It’s Called Soccer, NY Football Teams Win (Bills), Lose (Jets) and Draw (Giants).

It’s Called Soccer (My USMNT Soccer Recap)

USA is out of the World Cup that is the main story here. I will do my best to wrap it up and keep it simple for you guys. The USA tied the first game though they should have won. They scored first then took a bad foul in the penalty box leading to a game tying penalty kick by Wales. If you want to know more about Wales go to and McCarthy will point you to his editor man, who is Welsh and can answer all your questions. Then in the game against England, America’s parents, the USA fought hard and earned a draw. This led to a win or go home against Iran. If you haven’t already, I recommend you listen to USA Captain (first black captain) Tyler Adams dealing with Iran reporters getting very political with their questions.

The USA found a way to win that game. That big win put the USA in the Round of 16 match which they lost to Holland thanks to them being outplayed and out-coached. The Its Called Soccer title for this section because this seemed to be the USA chant this world cup. It was cute as they I think the thing that came out of this is the USA came out with a lot of respect for the players and their abilities, they just need to find a proper coach like maybe the Dutch coach, who also dresses like a coach.

NY Football Teams Win (Bills), Lose (Jets) and Draw (Giants)

The Buffalo Bills won against the Patriots on Thursday. The Patriots with Brady being replaced by Mac Jones, are just not good enough right now. The Bills’ defense dominated the Pats limited offense and the Buffalo offense relied on one of the league’s top quarterback/receiver duos, which helped them take an early lead and easily cruise to victory.

The NY Jets Lost and in Jets fashion, it was a brutal loss. Gang Greed got into the red zone against Angry Ward’s Minnesota Vikings 6 times and produced:
-2 turnovers, one on downs and another an interception (both in the last 2 minutes)
-1 touchdown
-3 field goals.

Junior Blaber, Formally.

The offense was great between the 20s but really struggled with 4 yards or less from the endzone. The fact the Jets fought back from being down 20-3 was impressive and gives me hope, but the play-calling was insane. I mean, 2nd  and 1 and you can’t punch it in?! There are all these 3-receiver sets. Where’s the good old fashioned 3-TE set with a FB?! The Jets got too cute by half with one-yard out. What happened to running backs leaping over the top? Just back your hogs to do their job… Anyway, Mike White did as well as he could and gave the Jets a fighting chance. There is no doubt that he will be the QB for the rest of the season. I can’t see Zach Wilson getting the job back.

Giants Draw Commanders

The Giants tied the Washington Commanders in a game that only complicated the NFC East standings. This was a game of teams not taking the opportunities on offense and defense or coming up clutch. It was a game that I will let Ben Whitney fill you in on because that is his team.

Thanks for reading and feel free to comment below. Come back tomorrow for the aforementioned Ben Whitney, who will tell me how my take on the Giants game is incorrect.

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