Sports Rain Man: Giants Punch Playoff Tix, Jets Continue Crash, Carlos Correa Gettging Physical?

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EL BARRIO, EL FALLSHappy New Year. This is actually another day I used to demand off when I didn’t work for myself. That aside, here’s today’s slate: Giants Punch Playoff Tix, Jets Continue Crash, Carlos Correa Gettging Physical?

Giants Punch Playoff Tix

The NY Giants are playoff-bound. I don’t know if it is a credit to Brian Daboll or just shows that previous head coach Joe Judge underachieved. After hiring Daboll, which led to Brian Flores suing the league for discrimination, B-Dabs having a good season was important. Me and my fellow conspiracy theorists think that may explain why the refs hosed the Commanders last weekend on that insane illegal formation call and the no call on blatant pass interference. The NFL needed to make that coaching decision read like a meritocracy… this gets the job done.

Back to Big Blue… The Jints had two games left, yet needed only needed one win to qualify for the post-season. Luckily for them, their penultimate game was against the Indianapolis Colts – who are just terrible. Indy also helped Angry Ward’s Vikings punch their ticket to the #1 seed, achieving the greatest comeback in NFL history in doing so.

In fact, last week the Chargers punched their playoff against the Colts, so the Giants made it three in a row for Indianapolis. Led by excellent QB play from Daniel Jones, who used his arm and legs, NY cruised to victory. This will likely get knocked out in the 1st round but making the playoffs in your first season is great progress for a first-time head coach in his first year.

Jets Playoff Drought Continues

Junior Blaber

The New York Jets Playoff drought continues. Midway this season the Jets were 6-3. Almost all Jet fans thought, ‘Oh My God, all we have to do is go 4-4 maybe 3-5 and we are in the playoffs.’ Surely, if they got 6 wins they can get 3, maybe 4 more… right? WRONG! In typical J-E-T-S fashion they have had another epic collapse. One win in their last 7 and 5 consecutive losses.. Sunday’s loss against ex-Jet Geno Smith -led Seahawks (sticking the knife in), is fitting. Mike White, when healthy, gives the Jets a fighting chance. But you can see that he was not just playing hurt, but injured, as he just couldn’t make some throws he needed to make. The receivers didn’t make some catches they needed to eithier, which has been a theme this season. The defense is hard to talk about. Gang Green’s D bends without breaking but they haven’t been able to come up with a turnover when it’s needed. Overall, the Jets are on a good path but they need to solve the quarterback mess. Expect them to rout the Dolphins to finish on a positive note and give their fans hope. It will once again prove how well they do when the pressure is off.

Carlos Correa Gettging Physical?

Carlos Correa and his physical are an issue… again. That old leg injury lingers, holding up contract negotiations. The two sides took the holiday season off to try and figure out terms. I say the Mets should simply agree to the same salary but shorten the deal to 4 or 5 years. That will give them time to see how well it he holds up. Then re-sign for him for another few years. I don’t know if Correa’s agent, super-agent, Scott Boras, will go for it but it makes sense. We shall see.

Thanks for reading and feel free to comment below. Check out Ben Whitney, who will have drunk enough to celebrate the New Year and Giants playoff berth.

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