Big Ben Tuesday: Bleak February Football, with Eric Bieniemy and Daniel Jones

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Eric Bieniemy, Andy Reid and a whole lotta suff!

WINTER, USA – The rest of February after the Super Bowl is a dark time. You have no more football and you’re only about half way through winter. I’m not ready to switch gears to the Rangers and Knicks playoff chances or pitchers or catchers reporting, so let’s stay on the gridiron. You can never have enough Eric Bieniemy chat and maybe I’ll throw in some Daniel Jones. Sound good?

All We Are Saying, Is Give Eric a Chance

Both of these guys should make about the same money, no?

When the Chiefs scored the two touchdowns in the Super Bowl on change of direction motion plays, we all immediately gave the credit to Andy Reid. The old walrus saw something in the Philly D and exploited it. But, according to The Athletic, Bieniemy was the one who recognized that the Eagles were over-committing on motion to stop the jet sweeps. Oopsie. Bieniemy burned them.

The explanation for why Bieniemy hasn’t gotten a head coaching job usually center around three things:
1. Reid makes the offense go.
2. His tenure has overlapped exactly with Mahomes starting.
3. His interviews have been weak.

All that has seemed plausible. If he think he’s riding coattails in Kansas City and then he doesn’t impress in the interview, then it makes sense not to hire him. It’s true that he doesn’t call the plays and works under a legendary offense mind. It does seem like he’s along for the ride, at least to some degree.

Sam Howell, the next Mahomes?

But now, with a second Super Bowl win under his belt, he’s not even getting interviews. At some point the body of work has to speak for itself. It’s hard to imagine Bill Belichick impressing in interviews.

Who were you thinking of bringing on as your coordinators, Bill?
Well, that information is not yet available. We’ll see.

The Giants hired Joe Judge because he was so impressive in the interview process. Remind me how that worked out. Hmm, maybe experience is more important.

Well, he has really amped up the degree of difficulty now. I’ll go out on a limb and say that whatever QB they end up rolling out in Washington will not be Patrick Mahomes. He probably won’t even be average. But Bieniemy does have a few strong weapons on the outside and he’ll be calling the plays. One of the draws of going to Washington was probably that the head coach is a defensive guy and Bieniemy will be running the show on O. Careful what you wish for, Eric. But if this works, there’s no going to be any doubt about who gets the credit.


If you consider the burning pile of sh!te coordinators that have crashed and burned as head coaches, it’s probably time to give this man a chance.

A Whole Lot of Dimes

Well, Danny Jones has hired a new agent. That’s not good. It looks like we’re headed straight to a franchise tag here folks, as the new agent is reportedly looking for $45 million per. Nope, that is not a typo. That’s a lot of dimes, Danny.

That would put him at the same pay level as the aforementioned Patrick Mahomes, which seems a little loony. But hey, two guys making more than that are Russell Wilson and Deshaun Watson who both couldn’t carry Danny’s water last year. So hey, you never know until you ask.

When Jones does get paid, he should give Brian Daboll a cut. If he didn’t take over, Jones would be currently looking for a job in to Backupsville, USA, and the Giants would be fishing in Lake RodgersCarrGaroppolo for their next signal caller.

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