The Great Gerrit, Says He! Yankees “Ace” Gerrit Cole Uncorks a Wild One.

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Gerrit Cole is great! Just ask him!

ST. PETE, FL – For one to describe himself as “great” that person better show you something. According to Google other words that describe the word great are tremendous, excellent, grand, heroic, outstanding, and remarkable.

New York Yankees pitcher Gerrit Cole was on the podium the other day in Tampa, Florida when the reporters hounded him with questions about his tendency to give up homeruns. He allowed 33 long balls in 2022. Cole fielded the questions by explaining solo homers don’t bother him as much as a two or three run blast. He quoted, Part of what makes me great is my low walk rate. So there’s a pretty good chance when you face me, I’m going to be in the strike zone, and if you get a good pitch to hit and put a really good swing on it, sometimes those balls can go out.”

The words, “Part of what makes me great,” coming out Cole’s mouth should have created an open forum. Not one of those soft reporters challenged the Great Gerrit. My response would have been to define great, which would have led to one hell of a debate. The Yankees PR department, who portray themselves as a bunch of intimidating hot shots, would have had a fit. That is the reason I write articles for Meet The Matts and not some other publication that wouldn’t have the right sized balls to print me.

The fear of losing ones press credentials for simply stating facts is why no one challenged Cole’s bold statement of, “Part of what makes me great.”

Aristostle “Mugsy” Sakellaridis

Mr. Cole needs to be educated on what a great pitcher is. Guys that held his position not too long ago were good pitchers. Names like Andy Pettite, David Cone, David Wells, C.C. Sabathia, all the way to Ron Guidry, Ed Figueroa, Dock Ellis and Catfish Hunter had good seasons while in pinstripes. Plus they all won the ring.

This self-proclaimed “great” pitcher has zero rings in his three year Yankees tenure, and zero rings in his entire ten year career. The only thing “great” about this Californian is his yearly salary. The other “great” thing about Cole is his agent, Scott Boras, who pulled the wool over the eyes of the geniuses who run that team up in the Bronx.

Before Mr. Cole lets everyone know how “great” he is/was, he needs to take a stroll to Monument Park, which is located where some of the homerun balls which he allowed land. The park will show him what greatness is. Maybe that will inspire him to help bring a championship back to the Bronx in his remaining six years of that great contract.

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