Big Ben: Worries & Needs of Yankees, Rangers, Giants

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Mixed reactions to Giants GM Joe Schoen? Rangers fans Spike Lee & Jim Carrey and Yankees fan opine.
STAMFORD, CT – I’m up against it this week. But instead of whining about my kids and boss, like the guy who’s here on Mondays, I’ll just stay in my comfort zone – Yankees, Rangers, Giants.
For all of you worried about the Yankees pitching injuries, don’t. They’re gonna bash their way to 98 wins, add some guys at the trade deadline, then hit .172 in the ALCS vs Houston and lose in five games. Relax, everything is on schedule.
The Rangers are a tough team to figure out but one thing is clear – the Kid Line is their best five-on five line. Tarasenko was a nice add, but Pat Kane looks like a shell of his former self. He loses every puck battle and holds the puck too long. He’s basically a power play specialist at this point.
And speaking of the power play, it was dumb as hell to move Zibanejad off his spot on the right flank and into the middle. I know Kane and Panarin can only play on the flanks. But you can’t take the massive weapon of Zib’s one timer, one of the deadliest PP weapons in the NHL, off the table. Putting Kane on PP2 makes more sense.
Ben Whitney

The NFL Draft is suddenly a few weeks away. The Giants have always been a “best player available” type of team. But let’s face it, they’re not taking a RB, QB, TE or S if one of those is the best player on their board.  The Giants first pick will be a WR, CB, or interior O lineman.

WR: even if everyone is healthy and plays well, they don’t have much signed past this season in the WR room.
CB: Wink needs solid CBs for his blitz-heavy scheme. Right now they have Adoree and a lot of question marks.
OL: they are set at tackle, but LG and C are positions of big time need.
That’s it for me.
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