Angry Ward Wednesday: What Happened to Monday and Tuesday? Mike Trout? NBA Free Agency?

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NEW YORK, NY – I’m not gonna lie, I completely forgot what day of the week it was after a long holiday weekend that overtook me like some fever dream cooked up by Hunter S. Thompson and his suitcase full of narcotics. No drugs were involved on my end, but I’m lucky I managed to get dressed, walk the dog, and get to work. The bonus is, you are all getting that rarest of animals this morning, an Angry Ward Wednesday written on an actual Wednesday. Let’s get to it.

The Angels Are Cursed. Seems just about every year there are a handful of baseball pundits that tab the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim to finally put it all together and make a run at the post season. And just about every year those pundits are dead wrong. And this year is no different. Hovering around .500 and 7 games back in the AL West with arguably two of the best players in the game, the Angels just lost one of those players, Mike Trout to the IL and have temporarily lost Shohei Ohtani to a fingernail issue. Also, Anthony Rendon is out too, but he’s been a shell of his former self for quite some time. Clearly Angel Stadium is built on an Indian burial ground. They should just move up North to Oakland’s seagull sanctuary after the A’s bolt for Vegas. Look at me? I’m a problem solver!

The Mets. The Metsies have won three in a row! Clearly they’re going to put it all together and come roaring back from 18 down to win the NL East. Just kidding. This mini winning streak is just your garden variety desert mirage, they are currently in Arizona after all. There’s no oasis up ahead, just Flushing chop shops and despair. But, we’ll be watching anyway.

Hunter S. Thompson
“… just Flushing chop shops and despair.”Angry Ward S. Thompson (photo courtesy of Premium Artman)

Immaculate Grid. If you’re a baseball fan and haven’t played Immaculate Grid, you should give it a try. Just Google it, read the instructions, and silently curse me when it takes over your day trying to think of a player who played on both the Marlins and Red Sox, or some other combination of teams. As former MTM contributor Grote2DMax said, “It’s like Wordle for baseball fans.”

NBA Free Agency. I guess the only big question left in NBA free agency is where is Damian Lillard going to end up. I mean, unless you think someone trading for 33-year-old weirdo James Harden is going to be a difference-maker. And no one will top the hilarity of Kyrie returning to the Mavericks for 3 more years and a boatload of millions. Someone needs to come collect Mark Cuban.

Someone also needs to come collect me. I’m out of here. Come back tomorrow for some Buddy Diaz fireworks!

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