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NIAGARA FALLS, NYHappy Monday! Today, I will keep it brief as per my Fantasy Football picks. In week one I lost Aaron Rodgers. In Week 2, I lost Nick Chubb. Thankfully, everyone stayed healthy this weekend and I am on my way to my first win. With that, today’s topics are: Mets Update, NFL Recap, NY NFL Teams.

Mets Update

The New York Mets had a 2-5 week. I feel, like the players on the diamond, that I am just giving these updates out of principle… not real concern. Unlike some players, I started this when the season started and will see it through. Full disclosure, this team is ugly to watch. They won the series against the Marlins but were no match for the Phillies. losing all 4 gamest. The Phils mathematically eliminated the Mets but its not like that was ever a real hope at this point.

I think Buck Showalter will go but I am not sure why. This incredible under-performance can’t be all on him. Jeff McNeil was not the same and they lost their closer before the season started. I think he could have juggled the pen better but that was about it.

Junior Blaber

NFL Round-up

The Colts shocked most of the NFL by beating the Ravens in overtime… The Browns dominated the Titans, who may need to start thinking about moving on from Ryan Tannehill. (You listening Jets?)… The Lions stifled the Falcons and the Packers won against the Saints, who lost Derek Carr due to injury. The Texans to everyone’s surprise just murdered the Jaguars… I don’t know if I have a word for what the Dolphins did to the Broncos because murdered and dominated don’t cover a 40-point drubbing. Maybe curb-stomping? The Chargers edged out Angry Ward’s Vikings is only gonna increase the Cousins-to-Jets talk… The Seahawks won comfortably against the Panthers, the Cardinals with another surprise as they beat the Cowboys and prove last week’s near win against the Giants wasn’t fluke. The Chiefs easily put the Bears to the sword and the Bears should end the season now as they are just Jets level bad on offense and unfortunately for them, also defense. The Steelers seem to be righting the ship as they held off a comeback from the Raiders.

NY NFL Teams

WARNING: I am Jets fan living in Buffalo.

For the NY Jets, it is deja vu all over again. The Patriots were there for the taking but with Zach Wilson at the helm, it wasn’t gonna happen. I gotta but this on management because they really need to start doing more play action and bootleging, as well as 3-second drops and releases… Nate Hackett is the OC and he needs to go back to the drawing board. The Jets had ten 3-and-outs and that is not acceptable. I know the QB is a not up to snuff and neither is the O-line, but it is your job to plan for it and make plays that help them.

The Bills may have found their stride against the Commanders. Washington isn’t world class but they had no answer for the questions asked by the Bills. Josh Allen looked great and so too did Stefon Diggs and James Cook. The Bills seem to be closing on the the 3-headed attack they have been searching for since the glory days.

The NY Giants kicked off the weekend by getting thoroughly out-played by the Niners. Big Blue had a couple of moments but it may be time to worry, because S.F. beat them on all phases of the ball. The Niners maybe the most complete team in the NFC – outside of Philly. However, the Giants should be able to get a pass rush and grind out the game even with no Barkley. Brian D’s honeymoon maybe over really fast if this team doesn’t win in the next two games.

Thanks for reading, feel free to comment below and come back tomorrow for Big Ben Whitney.

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