Big Ben: Giants Embarrassment, Jets Hosed, Yankee Problems

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Wait! Not that Yamamoto!

STAMFORD, CT – The New York sports teams are in shambles right now. The Jets had a chance to pull off a season-changing upset but were denied that chance by the refs. The Giants put on an utterly pathetic showing Monday night and about all of the positivity they built up last year… is gone. Though the Yanks managed to finish above 500, they have some serious roster problems going forward. Grab a coffee, this one is gonna be ugly.

Hosed by the Zebras

The Jets got absolutely hosed on Sunday night. I’ve heard Rex Ryan and others say the ticky-tack holding penalty on Sauce Gardner that cost the Jets an interception and a chance to knock off the champs was a penalty “by the letter of the rule.” Oh yeah? Then go back and call it the other 72 times it happened in that game. And the holding of Jermaine Johnson was something out a slapstick comedy. It was impossible to miss.

Zach Wilson was slinging it and deserved a chance to win that game.

99 is Not the Problem, But There Sure Have Some

It was a rough season for the Yankees but at least they crushed the Mets and Red Sox and finished over .500 somehow. If Aaron Judge had pulled up on the ball in Los Angeles instead of catching it and breaking his toe, could the Yankees have been seven games better and made the playoffs? It’s possible.

They’ve got a lot to fix, particularly the Stanton Problem. The guy can still hit a homer but looks like my grandfather trying to catch a bus when he runs to first. The dude needs to go see Tom Brady’s pliability guy. My dude has zero ply.

I’d like to see them go all in on Yamamoto, the young stud Japanese pitcher. Rumor is Japanese players don’t want to come to the Yankees ever since Steinbrenner called Irabu a “fat toad.”


Disgusting Giants’ Performance

The Giants look awesome in this first half. Is it hockey season yet? Just an insane amount of mistakes that are send me to bed. This is not going to end well. How can the Giants not find some seasonable capable backup lineman? Shane Lemieux wouldn’t start at Alabama. This is repulsive. The Giants need to complete three passes to get a first down. Danny Jones is shell-shocked by the rush, to be sure, but he isn’t making plays when they’re there. They have no chance against Miami or Buffalo and are staring at 1-5. Time to find something else to do on Sundays.

Check out THE Angry Ward.

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