Angry Ward Wednesday: In Dobbs We Trust, New MTM Voices, and the NY Jest

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NEW YORK, NY – It’s just about one week until Thanksgiving, so it’s not too early to start thinking about what we’re all thankful for. When it comes to sports, many of my teams (Vikes, Mets, Mariners, Wild, etc.) make it a tad difficult to find those oh-so-rare bright spots of actual joy they bring me. But this year, the football Gods delivered something of an early holiday miracle.

Joshua Dobbs. I’ve said this before, but it bears repeating: I never root for anyone to get injured. So, as much as I’m NOT A FAN, I wasn’t cheering wildly when Vikings quarterback Kirk Cousins went down with a season-ending ruptured Achilles. And when the Vikings traded for Cardinals quarterback Joshua Dobbs, I thought it was fine. I’d seen him play a bit this season and thought he showed some positive flashes, but assumed he’d just be backing up Minnesota rookie backup Jaren Hall. That all changed when Hall got concussed in his first game at Atlanta. Dobbs stepped in and won that game, then won again last week at home against the Saints. As a Vikings fan, I’m not used to all this winning. Also, as my friend (and fellow Vikes fan) JG Clancy texted me on Sunday: “Feels good to have a team to root for again.” I totally got what he was saying. It’s not that we ever stopped pulling for the Vikings, it’s that Dobbs is a person and story you can really root for.

The Vikings have been dumpster-diving for quarterbacks in other teams’ trash heaps for so long it’s become a league joke. Over the years Minny fans have had to endure cheering for the likes of former hated rivals Jim McMahon (this is worth clicking) and Brett Favre… among many, many other retread rentals. The last quarterback they drafted that I actually liked was Tommy Kramer, and that was back in 1977! And while Joshua Dobbs wasn’t drafted by Minnesota, after two weeks, it sure feels like he belongs there. The football aside, I also love the stuff about this kid majoring in Aerospace Engineering at Tennessee, interning at NASA, and his ridiculously goofball nickname, The Passtronaut. What I will also love is if he keeps playing well, keeps the job, the guy he replaced heals up and finds a home somewhere else. For THAT I would be eternally thankful. But, even if the Vikings crash and burn from this point out (always a possibility), I hope Joshua Dobbs has finally found a home in Minnesota.

Jackson and Jacob SternbergSpeaking of good guys with names starting with the letter J, you should definitely check out Jackson and Jacob Sternberg, who are both now writing for this site. Their Dad, Al Sternberg (aka Fake Sandy Alderson) was a great guy and MTM stalwart. I’m plenty thankful that this sports-themed retirement community has some fresh young voices. Right now it looks like Jackson is manning the Friday slot while Jacob is tackling Sundays. Give them a look. Who knows, maybe management will one day place them on either side of Junior Blaber for a formidible J’s of the Week lineup. Stay tuned.

Jets. Lastly, I can’t thank the New York Jets enough, for keeping me laughing on a weekly basis. 11 straight quarters without a touchdown. That’s not just impressive, it’s like the most important piece of 21st Century performance art. Make it to 20, guys! I know you can.

That’s all for today. If you can make it back tomorrow, Buddy Diaz should be shooting the digital breeze.

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