Angry Ward Wednesday: The 2023 NFL Season Sucks and So Does the Chiefs Offense

Can you name these guys?!

NEW YORK, NY – Tomorrow is Thanksgiving. That means it’s time to vainly attempt to tolerate your family, overindulge in food and drink, and then try to choke down all the extra football the NFL is force-feeding you. Three games on Thanksgiving, then another on Friday? Seriously, guys, pump the f***in’ brakes already. As it stands, this season is already wearing thin on me. Aaron Rodgers hype to nowhere to Cowboys D is one of the greatest ever to Dolphins are unstoppable to How is Zach Wilson still playing to what’s wrong with the Bills, 49ers, Chiefs, etc.? “Waiter? I won’t be having dessert. Check, please.” Sure, I had a minor bit of goodness with the Josh Dobbs story, but this year has been something of a sh!t sandwich.

Anyway, I’ll make a few quick points here and then send everyone on their merry way to start prepping for tomorrow.

Chiefs Offense is Garbage. I’m just going to keep on saying this, because it’s true. Watched the horrendous Monday night game vs. Philly. It was good if you love defense, offensive line penalties, and receivers that can’t catch a damn thing. Chiefs offensive coordinator Matt Nagy should be arrested for impersonating an offensive coordinator and KC GM Brett Veach, should be charged with Quarterback Neglect. I don’t blame Travis Kelce for starting to think/talk about retirement.

Time for Draymond to Go Bye Bye. As a Golden State Warriors fan, I have loved having Draymond Green (distractions and all) on my team, but it’s time for him to go. I know he’s on a four-year $100 million contract, but those numbers are actually affordable by NBA standards. Some other team (Lakers) could use him. He’s still got a lot of heart and sucker punches left in the tank. But his time in San Fran seems about up. Doubt it will happen and maybe the Warriors pull it together, but I think 4 Championships, a Defensive Player of the Year Award, and ruining Jordan Poole’s career should be enough for his Bay Area legacy.

Steelers Fire Offensive Coordinator. I’ve been waiting for this to happen longer than I’ve been waiting for Cote Wine Bar in the North Bronx to open. Steelers receiver George Pickens is one of those guys that looks like a superstar stuck in a clueless and toothless system. Now all they have to do is fire their quarterback.

Okay, I’m done for today. Come on back next week for something or other. And check out Buddy Diaz mañana. Happy Thanksgiving!

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