Big Ben: QB Questions, Draft Approaching, Broncos & Vikings on the Hunt

STAMFORD, CT – This offseason has seen some big moves with the most important position in sports. But it’s also seen some teams stand pat with mediocrity. With the draft approaching, and an exciting QB class coming out, plenty of questions remain. Let’s take a look by division, shall we?

AFC East
The Bills are set with Josh Allen. Our Jets are hoping Rodgers lasts a few more plays this year, but signed Tyrod as insurance. (Hey, that’s the same thing the Giants did two years ago). The Dolphins are set/stuck with Tua. The Pats are set to draft a top QB at 3, thanks to Belichick making sure his kicker blew enough games for them to land in the top 3.
Big questions: What will Rodgers have coming off the injury? Who will the Pats draft?
AFC North
The Ravens are set with Lamar, at least for the regular season. The Browns gave up way too many picks and guaranteed cash to give up on Watson just yet. Let’s pretend the offense didn’t run way better with Flacco off the coach. The Bengals hope Burrow will be healthy. And the Steelers took the biggest swing, moving on from Pickett and bringing in Russ Wilson and Justin Fields.
Big questions: Will Watson ever return to his Texans form? Will the Steelers be able to squueze a few more drops from the Wilson lemon or move on to Fields?
AFC South
The Texans are set with Stroud. Jax will roll with Lawrence, though he’s been a bit disappointing. The Titans and Colts will roll with youngsters Levis and Richardson.
Big questions: Can Richardson stay healthy with all his running? Will Lawrence ever make a jump? How good is Levis?
AFC West
The Chiefs are set with Mahomes. The Chargers are set with Herbert, though they dumped all his weapons. The Raiders added to Minshew to join O’Donnell. The Broncos are a mess, with only Jason Stidham and Ben DiNucci on the roster. That’s like having a summer bbq and only serving tofu burgers and macoroni salad.
Big questions: Who will the Broncos draft? Will the Raiders try to upgrade?
NFC East
The Eagles and Cowboys are set with Dak and Hurts, though both must be getting antsy about the late season play. The Commanders are set to draft Daniels or Maye at two. Our New York Giants are in a tough spot with Jones.
Big questions: Will the Giants again try to give Jones more weapons or try to draft the next guy? Who will the Commanders draft?
NFC North
The Pack are set with Love. Goff turned out to be more than a placeholder and almost took the Lions to the Super Bowl. The Bears are set up to draft Caleb Williams and he’ll be in a good spot. The Vikings are desperate to get someone in the draft, and brought in old friend Darnold as a backup plan.
Big questions: How good is Caleb? What will the Vikings do?
NFC South
There is a lot going on here. The Bucs brought back Baker Mayfield, who was reborn last season. The Falcons got tired of shite QB play and overpaid for Cousins. The Panthers hope to get more from Young with some new weapons. The Saints are going into another season with Carr for some reason.
Big questions: Can Young play better? Will Cousins help the Falcons talented receivers thrive?
NFC West
No drama here. The 49ers, Rams, Seahawks and Cards are set with Purdy, Stafford, Smith, and Murray.
Big questions: Can Murray stay healthy and get his career back on track?
Draft Options
The draft lines up well as there are three big QBs in Caleb Williams, Drake Maye, and Jaylen Daniels, and three QB needy teams in the Bears, Commanders, and Patriots at the top of the draft. Expect them to go in the first three picks. JJ McCarthy is the keystone draft pick and where he goes will set several dominoes in motion. The Cards and Chargers are not looking to take a QB, so their four and five spots are being eyed by teams looking to trade up for McCarthy. The Vikings and Broncos are the most likely candidates there.
Bo Nix and Michael Penix are next on the list. Nix might sneak into the first round for a desperate team. Penix’s injury concerns probably push him into the second.
Ben Whitney

The headline for this year’s QB carousel is an exciting rookie class and how they will look in the NFL. The top three could be asked to start right away.  Who will come away with this year’s Stroud? Driving the action after that will be the Vikings and Broncos, the super desperate.

Can top pick pick Bryce Young play better with a little more help? Is Trevor Lawrence kind of a bust? Do the Raiders and Saints think they can win with O’Donnell/Minshew and Carr? How will the Steelers look? Why do bad things happen things happen to good people?
Come back tomorrow for answers to all these QB questions and more, with Angry Ward. (sporting his Irish tan).
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