QB Matchmaker, Court-Storming Thoughts & Zach Wilson Trade Request

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HOLBROOK, NY – Spring Training is in full swing, so let’s swing into some swing-worthy thingys ourselves: QB Matchmaker, Court-Storming Thoughts & Zach Wilson Trade Request.

QB Matchmaker
Oh boy, Where to even start? Let’s start in Denver with the much-maligned Russell Wilson. He grossly under-performed in his first two seasons with Broncos and has seen his reputation suffer with it. Plain and simple, Russ needs a change of scenery. I think a landing spot could be the Atlanta Falcons. We’ve seen Wilson thrive with a great running game and with elite play-makers around him – like Drake London and Kyle Pitts. If the Birds could land Russell, it would give them a leg up in an otherwise iffy division. The next QB we will try and find a home for is Justin Fields of Da Bears. Chicago is in a unique position, in that they hold the first pick in the draft as well as having the aforementioned Fields. I think that the Monsters of Midway will ultimately trade the former Buckeye to the Pittsburgh Steelers. He showed some unbelievable play-making ability at times in his career and, much like Russel Wilson, he would benefit from a change of scenery and having a HOF coach in Mike Tomlin.

Court-Storming Thoughts
Over the weekend there was some controversy about this. After Wake Forest beat the Duke Blue Devils, some people (namely on ESPN), thought it would be a good idea to ban court-storming. Right. Telling college kids what they can and can’t do has always worked out so well. In my opinion, court-storming is one of the great things about college sports. It shows the whole world how passionate fans are for their school. Shouldn’t we want to encourage that? It is only because this happened to a big name like Duke why this story has gained so much national attention, but  sports are a great way of escaping the real world at times. Let fans have fun.

Zach Wilson Trade Request

Jackson Sternberg

I’ve saved the best for last as I’ve been talking about matchmaking and changes of scenery. No one would benefit more from such a thing from Zach than Wilson. Wilson was drafted as the second pick in the draft in 2021 and has struggled. To say the least, to the point where some sources in the Jets organization cited that Zach refused to go back and play QB for the team, I would find it hard to believe that Wilson would not want to go play football, but with how he has been portrayed and ridiculed since being drafted from BYU I all places, I don’t doubt for a second that he has been second guessing himself, maybe I’m in the minority, but I will be pulling for zach to find a place to play and succeed, where that will be? Maybe if the aforementioned Falcons can’t get Russ they give the Jets pennies to grab him? Could the Broncos target him? Who knows where he ends up, but it will not be New York.

I would be remiss if I did not mention the passing of the great Richard Lewis. Big Al Sternberg was a massive fan, as was I.

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