Meet The Matts Radio: QBC Scandal?! SNY’s Vazzano vs Alderson Fake, Mets Fan Callahan


Click the play button to hear all the hub-bub around the QBC, SNY’s Andrew Vazanno and Sandy Alderson…

NEW YORK, NY – So, yesterday started as a somewhat typical Thursday – other than the fact that Dr. Diz was the sublime columnist of the day, stepping in for Big Al Sternberg – who stepped in for Angry Ward on Wednesday – and fueling a spirited debate over red state vs blue state stuff permeating the College Football Championship. And it was cold out, the Knicks and Nets were still making New Yorkers cringe anytime a tourist or transient resident mentioned basketball, and Hot Stove Baseball was boiling in the aftermath of Cooperstown selections/omissions. But then the world shook as a Twitter “discussion” took place between Andrew Vazzano of SNY, Mets fan Charlie Callahan (Bright and Fake Sandy Alderson (@AldersonFake on Twitter and also know as Big Al Sternberg).

Meet_The_Matts Radio LogoThe subject of their discord? The success/failure of New York Mets General Manager Sandy Alderson. And the timing couldn’t have been better, as gaggles of sports geeks, including us, will be flocking to the Queens Baseball Convention.

You don’t care about the Mets nor their nerdy, Star Trek Convention types and their McFadden’s conclave?

Think again. As a a sports fan – and more specifically a baseball fan, you’ll be thoroughly entertained by the passionate fans, star power (Mookie Wilson and Wally Backman), baseball bloggers and chit-chat re America’s pastime.

Still not good enough for you?

Then listen to the Meet The Matts Radio segment above, in which Mad Dog, Bobby V and Matt McCarthy try to mediate a peace or, at the very least, some type of détente beteween Andy, Charlie and Fake Sandy.

Feel free to comment below, tune in tomorrow for lifelong détente seeker Junoir Blaber and get your butt to the Queens Baseball Convention. Woot, woot.

Oh, and listen for news about our new pals at SnapCall (shameless plug) in the MTM Radio piece. It’s something any sports fan that thinks they know their stuff will want to check out.

SIDE NOTE: Happy Birthday, Different Matt! The Rangers gave you that win vs the Kings last night to kick it off!

P.s… Here’s a screenshot of just a bit of the Twitter exchange”

Screen shot 2015-01-09 at 1.53.19 AM

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Matt McCarthy, is the MTM founder and consequently wears many hats: Director, Editor, Writer, Web guy and Podcaster... Also known as Short Matt, he's also a two-bit actor, voice-over pro, rugby, baseball and ice hockey player and likes hazelnut coffee with rice milk, while strolling in the sand, listening to foreign films... Matt also moonlights on MTM spin-off,, often wearing a wig and glasses while butchering a Kiwi accent.
  • Fingers de Pedro

    Very good! Bobby V is right! hehe

    • bosoxbruins04

      The ranting Bobby V never gets old with me. Lol. I loved him here.

      • Bobby V is, and always will be, the perfect baseball personality. We are all mere mortals wandering in his world.

  • Joey Cap

    Pisans and micks get along Dog – just ask my wife. She introduced me to good whiskey and I introduced her to good food. 🙂

    • Italian-Irish combos built the armpits of this nation!!!

  • Martystein9er

    You guys got me looking at Sandy in a different way and I am mad as hell! Haha Alderson the fake is right. The real one is out of touch with everything.

    • You may be shocked to hear this but we don’t completely share all @AldersonFake views. For instance, if you go back to our earlier Radio segments, he was all for Granderson, Colon and Frank Francisco.

  • Basket Catch Maz

    Completely disagree. Sandy is getting no money from the owners and has kept the best parts of the team. He also got rid of Ike Davis and stuck with Travis D’Arnaud. The fake guy is just angry and has no real argument other then he thinks he is to old.

    • BCM, we’re tempted to say, “nice snatch” but will refrain. Noah Syndergaervdsdfasfsdfsaard may prove to be the saving face part of letting our Dickey go north – the book is still open on d’ARNAUD, who the Mets see differently than some us – they list him at 6’2″. That’s wishful thinking. But we’re okay with not re-signing a 38-year-old pitcher for big bucks and rolling the dice with prospects. But again, Noah may likely be the name we remember from that deal – and he was the throw-in. No pun intended.

    • Joe E. Bishop

      Just admit you’re not familiar with the situation. Giving Sandy a pass because he allegedly gets no money from ownership is ignorant and fails to recognize the $90M plus Sandy has flushed on garbage over the last 5 years.

      • Randy Levine

        Gene Michael is available.

  • Jenny From The Lock

    Tawffic! 😉

  • Baby

    Good old Bobby V…

  • FakeSandyAlderson

    Have you people not followed my OCD driven evisceration of Real Sandy over the past 18 months? His record is indefensible. He’s a fraud and an embarrassment to real Marines. No real Marine would shamelessly lie for his criminal owners so easily. If he was so deprived of the financial werewithal he so desperately needs, then why did he re-sign with them for another 3 years? Where is Moneyball–the fake baseball philosophy that is supposed to unearth hidden gems? It’s a myth, and Sandy’s age-to some irrelevant-is crippling. While the 30 and 40 something GMs make shit happen at any time of the night, Sandy is back at his assisted living facility sucking back Tapioca and watching Matlock reruns before conking out by 7:15.

    • Ollie North

      For God, Country and the boss man.

    • BobbyZee87

      I read your rants and the thing about his age is garbage. The only prob I have is his 3 year extension. This should be his last year they don’t make the playoffs. Just like Coughlin. And is he too old in your book? Same for Terry Collins.

  • AngryWard

    When is the QBC? Why wasn’t I alerted?

    • vinny from brooklyn

      its tomorrow. hope to meet dog. hehe

      • Thank you for filling in Special Ward, Vincent. He was alerted in emails and he can also click on the link in the article for all needed info once he gets off the short bus.

        • AngryWard

          The only thing technology ever really brought me was six years servitude to this site, I’m guessing something like close to 300 columns, close to a a quarter of a million words. When’s the holiday party?

          • jgclancy

            Before the Super Bowl I hope -otherwise I think it’s time to hang up the hyperbole…..

  • Happy Birthday, Different Matt!!!

    • AngryWard

      Happy Birthday, Diff!

    • jgclancy


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  • Lori


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