Snow-Jobs and Sports Fill-Ins: Tom Brady, Russell Wilson, Lou Gehrig, Jeury’s Familia, Dak Prescott


NEW YORK, NY – Okay, so Lonnie Quinn & his cronies got it right – we got some snow. But once again, we were led to believe we were going to die by story-inventing icarnations of Ron Burgundy reading weather reports. While we think Quinn actually does work – as his rolled-up sleeves (aka Jim Cramer look) indicate, we’re not sold on most of his “sky-is-falling colleagues. Yet, here we are having survived another potential Doomsday, and with that comes the need to Fill-In for our missing Friday Fill-In! That has us mad as All Heck but simultaneously spurred our creative juices (Angry Ward is smiling/fuming someplace). Those juices, theretofore, bore the fruit of today’s column: Sports Snow-Jobs and Fill-Ins.

We’ll take Fill-Ins for $200 Alex…

The Greatest Sports Fill-In Ever: We can already see your collective Hate Mail flooding our MTM Studio for this one but Drew Bledsoe will be the first to tell you it’s got to be The Man With No Jersey, Thomas Edward Patrick Brady, Jr… 5-2 in Super Bowls with the most recent coming in an even more unbelievable fashion than Sean Connery beating up an entire bar with his thumb.

Our 2nd Greatest Sports Fill-In Ever: This is the more obvious and light-years more popular choice. He put Wally Pipp on the map… to Obscurity. Most of Mankind knows the story; Pipp wasn’t up to playing and kid named Lou Gehrig “filled-in” for at at 1B for the StankeesYankees. The Iron Horse never missed a game until tragically putting a face to a disease we still haven’t conquered. We need to do so.

The 3rd Greatest Sports Fill-In Ever: Tougher to select then the previous two but you don’t survive long here in Mattville by backing down from life-altering policy-makingvapid opinions. So here goes [drum-roll]… edging out Jeurys “Are You” Famila [With The Story of dopey Jenrry Mejia] and Dak Prescott is another modern-day QB… Russell Wilson. Yeah, that’s right. Mr. Wilson. He’s too short. He wasn’t even in the top five of the QBs in his draft year. 74 players were chosen before him. Matt Flynn and Tavares Jackson were better than him. He likes lattes… And yet, he is all you worry about when you think about the now-formidable Seahawks. Wilson, despite not having a true first name, has the most regular season wins in his first 5 seasons in NFL history. He is the first and the only quarterback in NFL history to have 4,000+ passing yards, 30+ passing touchdowns, and 500+ rushing yards in the same season. Yet his success has collateral damage. The Tri-City Dust Devils are still hurting after he stopped playing 2nd base for them.

Now for the Sports Snow-Jobs…

Click for AZ Quotes

Actually, we don’t have any. THAT is your Sports Snow-Job for today. Boom. [Cue avalanche sound effect].  Now on to the next Doomsday forecast…

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  • Maureen

    Now I have the Lonny Quinn song in my head. Haha

    • Perfect way to go into the weekend, Mo!

      • FATNUTZ

        How about the Wayfair song?

  • benwhit

    Your third choice needs work. Kurt Warner?

  • Buddy Diaz

    Why would you disrespect 007 like that, I’m surprised Sean Connery actually allowed that scene to go in the movie!

    • At least he wasn’t lip-syncing like every “star” your generation thinks is great!

      • Buddy Diaz

        It’s a weird scene… was that a comedy because it’s really funny when you think about it!

  • benwhit

    The Wally Pipp story is actually a myth. He got benched with other vets because the Yankees were sucking. No headache until later when he was hit in the face with a pitch. Google it.

    • We used Bing… Crosby. He was there.

      • Time Warp Tony

        Um, no he wasn’t!

  • Matts Friend John

    Good one Mac. Funny. Keep it up.

  • AngryWard

    It’s very rare these days when you see a clip of the “Presidio” starring former UCLA QB Mark Harmon–son of former Michigan standout Tom Harmon–an the guy who once said, “You’re the man now, Dog!”

    • The Donald Trump

      My thumb is better because it is HUGE. I have huge thumbs. No problem down there. Believe me.

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