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Foosball with real players

MOUNT EVEREST – As the snow is piling deeper and deeper, the inspiration for this “goodwill contribution” is to write about some of the biggest liars recently in sports today. I know, snow jobs have been a part of sports culture for decades. Lately, we have had more than our share of truth stretchers pontificating on how they are righteous… Until they are caught. For instance, Brian Williams is certainly looking forward to Spring Training, as the likes of A-Rod will surely deflect some of the comedic gold away from him. But before we take that steroidal trip down memory lane, let’s touch on a couple of this year’s “little white liars.”

Brady and Belichick pose as Seahawks cheerleaders.
Brady and Belichick pose as Seahawks cheerleaders.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell: One would think that 45 million per year would buy some credibility. Goodell is the new “Roger the Dodger” – sans the integrity. He slithers away from the issues that are plaguing the league with great skill and that’s exactly what the owners love about him.

Bosom Buddies Reboot:  The new version stars Tom Brady and Bill Belichick.  In the original, Tom Hanks and Peter Scolari certainly had some funny/sketchy moments but the Patriots version get big ratings too, while laughing at the concept of integrity. From Spy-Gate to Deflate-Gate, these wild and crazy guys will stop at nothing to get the edge on their opponents!

And from the You Cannot Make This Up Department, there are reports that an NFL Official sold the balls from Deflate-Gate. To be continued…

Major League Baseball simply has too many liars to list and we all know, in ad nauseam, who they are. The King of All Fibbers adds a large dose of narcissism; Alex Rodriguez can’t wait to roam the acreage in front of those plaques of legends at Yankee Stadium. If this were Field of Dreams, those dead ball players would be throwing fastballs at his head!

Who are your favorite sports liars?

“Welcome to New York….Welcome to New York”.

Foosball with real players
Foosball with real players

Soccer in New York: The MLS team NYFC will be playing at the House That Steinbrenner Built starting in March. That’s correct, MTM has a new hometown team to embrace with the first home game slated for Sunday, March 15th vs the New England Revolution. With Spanish star forward David Villa and ex-Chelsea FC legend Frank Lampard (coming in June), there is some draw for local fans to check this out.

New York/Boston has another rivalry? This team is owned by the New York Yankees and Manchester City FC from England, so they are not going anywhere anytime soon. Perhaps Junoir Blabber and I will be assigned to cover these games live? Negotiations are ongoing. After all, Small Matt performs bicycle kicks every time he gets knocked off his while riding through the streets of Manhattan.

And finally, from the Sports Ticker:
-The NFL Combine has begun, so we all start thinking about who will jump the highest, throw the tightest spiral, bench the most reps and most importantly who is voted the dumbest draftee.
-Will Jamesis Winston fall in the Draft from his off the field exploits?

Chime in below and be sure to tune back in tomorrow.

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