Schmucks, Ducks, Pucks and Rex Ryan?

rex_ryan_Bills Angry_Ward Meet_The_MattsHOPEVILLE, USA – “It’s the Most Wonderful a Time of the Year…“Well, not for everybody. The yearly fantasy football draft for real teams kicked off this week and while there were the obvious Franchise Tags pinned on key players, surprises have occurred with various trades and player dumping before signing bonuses kick in.

Recycled Leftovers: Many teams just love discarded players. The perennial losers have become addicted to washed-0up QB’s and they will pay handsomely for mediocrity !

"What say we settle this on the runway, Rex!
“Let’s settle this on the runway, Rex!

 The Cleveland Browns signed Josh McCown, who has now played for nine NFL teams along with one minor league team (2010) since he was drafted by the Arizona Cardinals in 2002.  He changes addresses more often than a sex offender.

Buffalo Rex- Yes, he is still trying to find a way to defeat Dr. Evil Bill Belichick and Zoolander Tom Brady. So why not trade for Matt Cassel. He can surely bring keen insight on the Patriots secrets and put up some average to below average numbers while Shady McCoy starts cutting himself in protest for being  sent to the iced landfill called Buffalo!

Flock of Eagles?
Flock of Eagles?

Philadelphia Freedom? You are free to pack your bags and leave Killadelphia after tearing up the turf year after year. Has Chip Kelly gone Quackers? It seems so, as he appears to be hoarding former Oregon players. Kiko Alonso and his repaired ACL will join the flock as they dump more salary to apparently jump into the Marcus Mariota Draft Sweepstakes.  While the leagues whitest team gets whiter (sorry Mama Blaber), Iggle fans delusion is at an all-time high. If this backfires, these Duckles will be shot down.

Will Big Blue run for Suh? While Small Matt, Big Al/FSA et al salivate with anticipation,  Ndamukong will bankrupt some team (Raiders). Franchising Jason Pierre Paul was the prudent move but, as with last year, the rest of those defensive scrubs cannot hold their food down – much less opposing runners.  This will be interesting to watch how much $$ the NFL’s dirtiest player grabs. Just as intriguing will be how long it takes him to actually get suspended for another crazed attack on an opponent.

The J-E-T-S will see just how talented their new GM is.  They have a great opportunity to parlay their draft position (6th) into a windfall of draft picks and grab a decent QB as well. While popular opinion is to grab the Hurling Hawaiian Mariota if he is available, they would be better served to let football’s Steve McGarret go to the highest bidder.

Who do you think the Giants and Jets should dump, sign or trade?  Predictions on where some of these free agents will land?

Screen shot 2015-03-05 at 8.26.08 AMRangers shift into win now mode:  Mixed feelings are permeating my fan-soul after the trade for Keith Yandle. His offensive assist ability is certainly a plus, but defensively his game is pedestrian, at best. This team needs tighter defense, in my opinion, and giving away another star prospect (Duclair) and draft pick is mortgaging the future. Let’s just hope that the Cup is raised this year.

A-Rod Delusional Thought of the Day: After his first game back, A-Rod spoke about how grateful he is that the Yankees have given him this opportunity. Does he not realize that him being on this team is akin to the pinstripes being forced to wear an ankle bracelet?

Stop back tomorrow for different version of things with… Different Matt.

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