Yanks vs Mets: Most Important Subway Series Ever

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Yanks vs Mets: Most Important Subway Series Ever

BRONX, NY – The Subway Series has been watered down by MLB since its regular season, inter-league inception in 1997. But the red-hot Mets have blazed their way to a 13-3 start, after going 10-0 at home and winning their last 11 games. Then there’s the Yankees, the tradition-rich, free-spending Bombers that everyone is trying to write off. Problem is, nobody told them that. So, what we’re left with is an intriguing and important series, Subway or not, that will grab the attention of this city – even if it’s way too early in the season and up against the hockey stories of the rousing Rangers and suddenly sinking Islanders. In fact, this could be the most important Subway Series since… the 2000 World Series.

Mr_Met kicks Mariano_Rivera Meet_The_Matts Subway_Series

Hold the accusations of drug use, quell your indignation and sit back down. Here’s why this one is so important:

The upstart/fast-start Mets are desperate. How is a team with the best record in baseball desperate? For starters, everyone is waiting for the apple to burst. Looking at the paper-thin roster before the injuries to David Wright, Travis d’Arnaud, Zack Wheeler, Josh Edgin, Vic Black, Jerry Blevins, Jose Reyes (wait, he’s not a Met anymore) and Jenrry Mejia (Wally Pipped by Familia and PED’s), even the most optimistic of Flushing’s Faithful wouldn’t be looking for more than 83-85 wins this year. And that’s with everything falling into place. So this squad, they of the 13-3 start, franchise record 10-0 homestand and refreshingly opportunistic play, has something to prove. They need to prove that they are no fluke.

Clemens Estes Subway Series Meet_The_Matts

Then there’s the home-team… The Yanks were written off before Derek Jeter retired… in May of 2013. They were old, broken down, vastly over-paid and had a 6’4″ cloud hovering in the clubhouse called Alex Rodriguez. But guess what? After a shameful and painful to watch start, the old dawgs are showing some bite. Granted, Brian McCann, Tex and Bel-tron are all hitting under .225, with the latter two under the Mendoza Line, but they’re hitting the long ball; Tex (5), Rod-ster (4), Stevie Nicks Drew (4) and Chris “Mighty Joe” Young (4). And Young is hitting .357 in the Softball Circuit. They have won 3 in a row, 7 of 10 and spanked Grinding Ax Walter Hynes’ Tiggers in there flurry-filled Motown milieu. What’s with Comerica Park always having something floating around – bugs, seagulls, pigeons, flurries?

Bragging Rights:
Quite frankly, both of these teams may only have bragging rights to the city as there lone feathers to put in their 2015 caps – the Mets will need multiple for their 12 variations.

You think for one second Joe Girardi won’t go Clemens-on-Piazza behind closed doors if they lose this series? You know damn well that Bel-tron, CC (who is fat again), Tex and The Cloud all want this. So does Chris Young. He sucks and will suck by June – but he doesn’t know it.

On the other side of the diamond, you’ve got the Grandy Man (who is at the Mendoza Line) and Cuddyer (who we’re pronouncing Cudd-yer, just for the heck of it). Granderson will likely hit 2-3 homers in The House That Greed [and Curtis] Built. Cuddyer wants to prove that he and the other big Met signing (not named Mayberry) – Kevin Long – will want to make their mark. Don’t know who Long is? Haven’t seen him play? Well, stop looking. He doesn’t play… he’s too valuable for that. See, he’s the offensive version of Rick Peterson. That’s all you need to know.

So, with Street Cred and the importance of making the other team its bi-otch, this Subway Series could end up being the most important since Shawn Estes had to retaliate for this (3 years later):

Comeback tomorrow for Junoir Blaber, a guy that will publishing his column on Matt Harvey Day. That’s right, the Yankees will be honoring Harvey with a Dark Knight t-shirt giveaway… they are whores, after all.

P.s… The Brooklyn Nets are still playing.

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