Replacement Matt with MLB Trading Deadline Mets and Knicks Rant

Thanks to Replacement Matt for stepping in today. He’s just recovering from a mishap in Australia from years ago.

WILLIAMSBURG, NY – Its just over three weeks until the MLB Trading Deadline and nary a peep from Sage Sandy Alderson, who is charged with leading our tribe out of the wilderness. A wilderness he is largely responsible for us being in. What’s the over under that something will actually transpire? The smart money is on nothing happening. An excuse that we were monitoring the situation but nobody was available will soon follow. They really think we are stupid. There are plenty of options, but they will require we give something up in order to improve the team.

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The Situation: Only @Angry_Ward hasn’t gone MIA of this group: a reverse of David & Golitahs.

News Flash, you genius maverick: there is a reason it’s called a trade and not a fleecing.

Another News Flash: If the rest of the NL east sh!t the bed so badly the Mets back their way into the playoffs, we cannot use all of our starters – so one “ace” is gong to the pen, regardless.

My Memo to Sandy is: Get a bat you fricking a—hole, and do it now. Bring up Conforto and do it now. Get us Yasiel Puig get us Justin Upton get us Baez, Castro or Addison from the Cubs. Just do something.

We can expect none of these things because any of them would require giving up something… and no, Gee + Niese + New-house won’t get it done. Sandy, your new mantra is you gotta give some to get some. Print it on a banner and put it up on the stadium.

But who am I kidding? The message won’t be received and another year of irrelevance is upon us.

Onto the other Orange and Blue

The NY Knicks, still reeling from the poor drafting of String-Bean Porzingis, seem to actually have made some sensible signings of role players who will do the things needed to win; rebound, play defense, hit open threes… so maybe there’s hope. But at least Porzingis has that nifty rap song written about him, so there’s that.

Just shoot me now… or hit me in “the box.”

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