Canyon of (Super) Heroes Awaits Mets and Daniel Murphy!


KANSAS CITY, MO – I bet you were expecting a big World Series edition column today, huh? Ya’ know, given that the Mets are in the World Series? Well I don’t enjoy disappointing anyone, so let’s give this a whirl.

I remember a conversation that our editor emeritus, Get Shorty [Short Matt] and I had about 2 years ago.  He warned me about being a one-hit wonder. A one-trick pony. “Don’t be like the Daily ‘Stache” he implored. What happens when the Mets finally turn this around? What will you do when Sandy finally figures stuff out and puts a good team on the field? You have to have an alternate persona, maybe even – ya know…. yourself?”

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For a minute it sounded like Get Shorty had said something about Sandy turning around this franchise. I believed he had set the Mets back a decade with his stubbornness, arrogance and disconnect from the best and smartest fans in the world. Yet, here was our fearless Ben Bradlee warning me that when the day arrived that the Mets were again relevant, I would be sorry. I am Fake Sandy Alderson.                                   

2011 Opening Day 2B Brad Emaus
2011 Opening Day 2B Brad Emaus

Being Fake Sandy means never having to say your sorry. Since 2012, I have patrolled the sidelines, the airwaves, the entire Internet of Things (IoT) for any and all comments made by, about, and for Real Sandy Alderson. This was never about simply bashing the team’s GM for bad moves; his ill-timed ridiculous jokes, his dumpster diving for players and his insulting comments. No. This was always about the fans.

FSA fancies himself as the Protector of the Met fan (and often opines in 3rd person). Giving a voice to the voiceless patrons who were being lied to, misled, deceived and snookered. Deep down, Real Sandy wanted to win, I felt. It’s just that I was certain he didn’t know how to. The last successful franchise he had resurrected was the Yankees, and that was only because “No-No Nanette” had flopped and Harry Frazee had to sell Daniel Murphy to the Yankees to get out of debt.


Someone needed to stick up for the fans, who were forking over their hard-earned money to come and watch a terrible team… and get lied to relentlessly. Met fans under 35 can’t even remember the last Mets World Championship. Yet, they were largely the fans driving at least respectable attendance numbers each year.  The 7 Line Army? (I don’t know where these guys came from?) But people were still going to Met games! FSA was incredulous!

Part of the 2015 Mets narrative has been around the fans and their super heroes. Matt Harvey is the Dark Knight. Noah Syndergaard is Thor! Well, FSA is the Avenger; ready to avenge 29 years of “Mets-ness.”             canyon

So with due respect to every editor with a misshapen head, FSA stands as the ultimate Super Hero! This team went from zero to hero in 5 years. When the Mets ride down the Canyon of Heroes sometime around Thanksgiving, FSA will be cheering them on, giving a wry wink to the Real Sandy on a job well (finally) done.

Mets in 5


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