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Dallas fan no more!

Baltimore, MD – It’s only taken half the season to round into stellar form re my Free NFL Picks. Another 3-1 mark last week as the Giants stayed with the Pats long enough for the cover and kept me from a sweep. But you’d have made some good coin on those picks, if you acted.

Angry Ward planted a seed after the Greg Hardy fallout, suggesting I rid myself of being a Dallas Cowboys fan. With Jerry Jones, whose hand I once shook when exiting a Meadowlands restroom, and his wayward practices having proven too much to overlook. I’m done. Done with a team I have rooted and cried over since the age of five. Forty-three years sadly leaves me with no team.

All teams have their problem child and some contain equally poor moral compasses in upper management/ownership, so what team does a man support in this situation? Help me people! Who do you think my new team should be? A few definite NO votes are as follows: all NFC East teams, Jets, Pats, and any team leading their division out of fear of being called a front-runner.

Hardy, har-har.

As of now, I’m leaning toward the Raiders but do help me out here.

This weeks picks…
Favorite: Don’t know if readers are familiar with the term “cigar game” but this is where you put your feet up on the table, cross your arms to rest your head and light the obligatory victory cigar… at halftime. The score of this game should be about 24-3 at that point because Jameis Winston has nobody to throw to outside of Mike Evans, can’t and won’t run on a stout Eagles front four, Chip Kelly is under fire and coaching for his job, Mark Sanchez is in for Sam Bradford (who sucks), will run the ball well, and despite not having Jordan Matthews will be forced to use Darren Sproles in a manner in which they haven’t utilized properly thus far. PHILADELPHIA -6 over Tampa Bay. Big time! My best bet of the year.

imageUnderdog:  They get Tony Romo back today.  Big whup.  Dez Bryant is back for his second game.  Big whup.  This is still a team who hasn’t been able to win a game for a few months and that mentality has a way of manifesting itself up, down and across a locker room.  Vegas is fooling no one by installing the ‘Boys as two-point faves in a road game against a Dolphins team that, while scaring no NFL team, can and will win this one outright.  Miami 24-20.  MIAMI +2 over Dallas

Tips from an ass
Tips from an ass

Over: Seattle is wounded and will be looking to lay waste to the first tomato can they line up against.  The 49ers come rolling into the Great Northwest and get their a$$es pounded by the prison bullies in Seattle.  The Seahawks can come close to the over themselves in this one.  SEATTLE/San Fran OVER 39.5

Under: Old time leather helmet football will be played in a later start today when the Bengals look to rebound against the Cardinals (also losers last week) in Arizona. I see lots and lots of field goals in this one, as there’s plenty of room for the cover in an inflated line.  ARIZONA/Cincinnati UNDER 48.

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