Super Bowl Trivia, Big Game Firsts To Make You Look Smart

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G, Danny and Phanatic

NEW YORK, NY – Sure, it snows here on Super Bowl weekend after the outdoor version! a Snow Bowl would have been something for us to get our arms around. Adding insult to injury (literally – we slipped on ice), was a texted photo from one-time MTM Pundit, the Philly Phanatic, at Super Bowl festivities out west with Brother Danny and longtime friend, G,  (since 2nd grade). That they are there – to blazes with their chance meeting – and we’re not, is just horse hockey. And while the Phanatic and G know their stuff,  Danny Boy couldn’t give a rat’s keester about the #NFL, he’s a fisherman/outdoors guy, who knows stuff to get by at work functions. So jealousy aside, here’s some Super Bowl Trivia, Big Game Firsts To Make You Look Smart for  Dan The Man Cunningham – and you – to flaunt in front of your compadres:

1) First Field Goal: In January 1967, Kansas City Chiefs kicker Mike Mercer booted the first field goal in Super Bowl history. in the second quarter of Super Bowl I, first known as the AFL-NFL World Championship Game. This kick brought the Chiefs to within 14-10 of the eventual winners, the Green Bay Packers.

2) First Rushing TD: Also in January 1967, Jim Taylor of the Green Bay Packers scored the first rushing touchdown, bouncing in from 14 yards in the second quarter of The Pack’s 35-10 victory over Kansas City. It was Taylor’s last game for the Packers, as joined the expansion New Orleans Saints for the 1967 regular season. Fumble, Jim.

3) First Losing Player To Score Twice: In Super Bowl II, Oakland Raiders’ receiver Bill Miller caught two touchdown passes from Daryle Lamonica in a 33-14 loss to Green Bay.

4) First To Score On A Kickoff Return: In January 1983, Fulton Walker of the Miami Dolphins went 98 yards against the Washington Redskins in Super Bowl XVII. It gave the Fed-Ex’ers a 17-10 lead just before halftime. Side Note: 2/3 of the trio in the above picture went to Robert Fulton Elementary School. Curious.

Mike Scott’s Dr. Frankenstein!

5) First QB To Score: Angry Ward will be happy, well less angry, to know that Purple People Eater Pal, Fran Tarkenton scrambled (How else would he do it?) in from 4 yards out. But guess what? The Vikings lost to Bob Griese and the Dolphins. Oh, and the Vikings have lost 4 Super Bowls, sans… A Dubya.

7) First Player To Score Three TDs: In 1985, high-stepping, hip-swiveling, Roger Craig caught two TD passes from Joe Montana and he rushed for one in Super Bowl XIX In January 1985. SF squished the Fish, 38-16.

7) First QB To Throw for 400 Yards: In January 2000,  Los Angeles (too soon?) St. Louis Rams QB, Kurt Warner,  threw for 414 yards and two touchdowns in an exciting 23-16 victory against the Tennessee Titans in the Georgia Dome. He was the game’s MVP, as Air McNair and the Tits got grounded at the 1-yard line.

8) First Player To Win His 5 Rings:  In January 1996, when the Dallas Cowboys beat the Pittsburgh Steelers, 27-17 in Super Bowl XXX, madman end Charles Haley tasted Big Game victory for the fifth time. He won twice with San Francisco and three with Dallas. They have sucked since.

9) First Player To Get 3 Picks: In Super Bowl XV (1981), the unlikely Rod Martin, not Lester “Mumbles” Hayes, grabbed three for the Oakland Raiders. A thickish linebacker, Martin owned Philadelphia quarterback Ron Jaworski, thus thrusting our Philly Phanatic to turn to a life of overindulging. The Raiders beat Dick’s Eagles, 27-10.

10) First To Score 2-Point Conversion:  After being instituted in 1994, it was Air Coryell and the Chargers that took the initiative to use it in a Super Bowl in their loss to the 49ers. Dan Fouts to Mark Seay.

Or was it Stan Humphries, not Fouts?

We’ll leave wondering about that and this: How do you keep an idiot in suspense? We’ll tell you tomorrow.

Or at least Junoir Blaber will.



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