Buffalo Springfield, Tim Duncan, The Espys and 2nd Half Mets

EL BRONX, EL BARRIO – We do sports here at MTM. However, you would be crazy to think we are immune to what is going on around the country right now. So, I will talk a little about it… but we will definitely also focus on talking sports. Today’s topics are: Buffalo Springfield, Tim Duncan, The ESPY’S and the 2nd half Mets.

Let’s start with current events…

Buffalo Springfield: I won’t turn this into another political piece but I do want to say something. I used to be jealous of those people that lived through the ’60s and ’70s. As a History major, I used think that those were the most transformative decades in contemporary American History. However, when you look at this decade, a lot is happening in politics and in the Supreme Court. We live in interesting times and last week was an interesting one to say the least. Among all of the feelings going on when I woke Friday morning, my wife (who was raised by hippies) had this song playing on her playlist. It felt apt, despite being released 50 years ago. Take a listen…

Now for the sports…
Tim DuncanTim Duncan: Tim Duncan has retired after 19 seasons and 5 rings. He has more finals appearance than Michael Jordan and one fewer ring. However, his retirement happened with very little fanfare and no goodbye tour like Kobe Bryant. It is fitting because Duncan was as plain as vanilla ice cream. Much like how vanilla ice cream is still popular and a staple of ice cream parlors Duncan is just as awesome of a player. Duncan was nicknamed The Big Fundamental and it was – and is still – fitting. The guy was anything but flash, however he was consistent and a team leader. In this day and age when 6’11” guys want to play like a cross of Kevin Garnett/Kevin Durant/Dirk Nowitzki, Duncan is a relic. Duncan was an old-fashioned back-to-the basket, post-up big man. He was the most fundamentally sound player since John Stockton and like Stockton, he was often overshadowed by guys who had more sizzle. What Duncan did well was what you need a big man to do, like down 10-footers (of the glass was his trademark), rebound, post-up and be a defensive presence. He did it and he did it as good as anybody ever has. Good night, sweet Prince.

tumblr_nt1x3vlCtq1tge5oqo1_400The ESPYs: Wednesday night will be the ESPYs. It is ESPN’s attempt at the Oscars. Though it is now much more highly regarded, it still feels a little self-ma.. ahem.. celebratory for me. Outside of the Jim Valvano never give up speech, I can’t think of a lot of memorable moments. But that Jimmy V speech was probably the speech that brought this event its legitimacy. They did find the one day in the sports calendar that nothing else is happening, so kudos to them for doing that and knowing they can own the night. What I don’t get is for some reason this year it is hosted by John Cena?! Did Disney buy the WWE? If not then it makes no sense. Was The Rock busy??


The Second Half Mets: Despite the loss of The Dark Knight and Thor… Wait a minute what did I just write, The Dark Knight and Thor? Why do the Mets pitchers have superhero names when they are very fallible humans? And what 12-yearold in the Mets PR office let this nonsense continue. Not to mention Harvey has been more hype than substance! Anyway, despite the lost of those two arms, the Mets still have Zach Wheeler coming back, Steven Matz, Jacob de Grom and Bartolo Colon. Those are enough arms to get them at least the Wild Card. The problem is as same as it ever was: the bats. Maybe Jose Reyes can be that spark; he already has helped Wilmer Flores hit better.

The Mets will only make the playoffs if they can get timely hitting to go along with those arms. Let’s hope they do it.

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