Cheesy Bruin’s Cash-Churning NFL Picks; Von Miller Plays Chicken, Naked Luck, Kneeling Kaepernick

Jimmy_The_Greek Cheesy_Bruin Meet_The_MattsSARASOTA, FL – Last week I lamented the quick passing of August and also gave my Win Total Over/Under NFL Picks. Two of the four selections are almost guaranteed winners as the Dallas Cowboys lost QB Tony Romo for at least ten weeks and the Minnesota Vikings now have to endure the season-long absence of their own signal caller in Teddy Bridgewater. As I write this, news of Sam Bradford for a 1st round draft pick, the Vikes are still a shoe-in for the under.  In fairness of a level playing field, today is Part Deux of Cheesy Bruin’s Cash-Churning NFL Picks.

Andrew Luck naked Meet_The_MattsDetroit Lions: It only makes sense to piggyback on the Vikings QB mess and pending offensive worries, even with Adrian Peterson carrying the rock.  The Lions play the Vikes twice as a division rival and a probable split of the series now weighs in favor of a Lions sweep…  Chicago is also ripe for the picking within the NFC North.  I have faith in the Detroit “O” to outscore opponents and even with a suspect “D” they’ll see more wins than losses and breaking even is all it will take to cash in on the Lions OVER 7.5.

Indianapolis Colts: There are a lot of questions on both sides of the ball in Indy; the biggest of which is if the offensive line can improve enough to keep Andrew Luck upright for the whole season?  When does 33 year-old running back Frank Gore finally hit the wall?  There is little to no help behind the aging runner and the hole in the roster may pose a problem.  The defense is spotty at best and in an improving AFC South are the Colts good/deep enough to get to 9.5 wins?  I say no.  Colts UNDER 9.5, lock it up!

Betcha didn’t know Von Miller was a chicken farmer!

Denver Broncos: The Broncos are the Minnesota Vikings of the AFC… they’ll go only as far as the defense takes them, while the team looks for game management on offense. In other words, don’t frog things up too much and you’ll get to nine wins. But not so fast… Las Vegas has set the over/under at 9.5 for the Broncos. Trevor SiemianPaxton LynchMark Sanchez?  EWWW!  No way, no how.  Not even with all-world Von Miller on defense.  UNDER 9.5

San Francisco 49ers: A lot of times when you pick these proposition bets, look at two things-personnel and head coach.  Both are questionable at best for the 49ers with no playmakers or speed on offense and a defense in flux as well as the Chip Kelly college-style of football being bandied about.  My prediction is the head coach will fizzle out the same way The Ol’ Ballcoach Steve Spurrier failed on Sundays.  Sitting for the National Anthem isn’t the only sitting Colin Kaepernick will be doing.  The starting QB is Blaine Gabbert.  The Niners will go 1-5 within the NFC West division and that means a 4-6 record out of the division still gets the money for SF UNDER 5.5

Colin Kaepernick, kneels during the National Anthem Thursday, in San Diego. (AP Photo/Chris Carlson)
Colin Kaepernick, kneels during the National Anthem Thursday, in San Diego. (AP Photo/Chris Carlson)

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