Indians in Believeland, Dodgers Ignite Cubs Curse Talk; Eagles, Redskins, Vikings

 cle-images-graffitti-believelandSPANISH HARLEM – At this time the Cleveland Indians are riding a wave that only Lebron James has surfed. Indians’ fans believe this is their time and it’s hard to find fault in that, as their team has played exceptionally well this postseason. First, they sweept the red-hot (at the time) Red Sox. Then they took out the Blue Jays in Game 5 of the ALCS. Terry Francona has used his bullpen as well as any manager can at this point in the season. On Monday, he used Cory Allen (his closer) to pitch the 7th inning against a right-handed heavy line up, knowing full well he had Andrew Miller in the bullpen to the close the game when needed. The Indians’ manager has a luxury that most teams don’t have. Whether it’s Miller or Allen, he knows he has two pitchers that can come in and shut down the late innings (as we saw last night). Past years have shown that playoff teams can win with scrappy play and a tough bullpen. We saw that with the Kanas City Royals last year and Francona is using that same formula to win in this postseason. The Tribe sure are fun to watch so don’t be ashamed to ride the Believeland train to the World Series.

9f444d6dc5d9c350c3dd452655474a4dAs of 7 pm today, on October the 19th, 2016, the Los Angeles Dodgers have a commanding 2-1 series lead on the Chicago Cubs. You may ask… How can someone have a commanding 2-1 lead, well the answer to that is… the curse of course! Some of you may already know this but the only guy stepping up to the challenge for the Cubs this whole series has been Javier Baez, who was the forgotten young star on the Cubs after they brought up players like Kyle Schwarber (who is hurt for the year) and Kris Byrant, who took the league by storm last year. Not only was he forgotten by fans but also by this own team, who inked Ben Zobrist this past offseason to play second base. Now he is the only player producing for the Cubs and that has fans fuming after having one of the best offenses this year. Is it too soon… probably but that won’t stop people and fans from asking “Will the Cubbies blow it again this year?

Update: The Cubs won 10-2 but you get my point!

This Sunday will be a tough one for my Eagles, after starting the season with 3 wins, they have lost two straight to bring excited fans down to earth. Everyone knew the Birds were a young team and would have their ups-and-downs but nobody expected Carson Wentz to play this well. But after a sub-par outing against the Redskins this past Sunday, the wagon is looking mighty lonely. Washington had a great game plan against the Eagles and it sure didn’t help that they started a rookie at right tackle – after weeks of stability with Lane Johnson. The Redskins got pressure on Wentz and made things difficult for the Birds but that will happen to the best of quarterbacks.

The Iggles have a lackluster offense and will need to use the only explosive players they have in Darren Sproles and Zach Ertz, to have a chance this Sunday. That may not matter though, as  Vikings QB Sam Bradford basically knows Doug Pederson’s entire offensive playbook. In the end what will matter most will be the Viking defense. They will find ways to disrupt what the Eagles are doing on offense and Bradford will have his way with the birds defense. split-sam-bradford-carson-wentz-092616-getty-ftrjpg_1qy9he0gho9801fq0pk1gvzdep

My Prediction, Vikings 24 Eagles 14.

Will this be another week where we see Angry Ward “happy” on Sunday? (Is that even possible… give THE FRANCHISE his sammatical already!)

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