The Dark Knight, Kelvin Gastelum, MLB MVP and MLB Comeback Players

Kelvin Gastelum won’t face Anderson Silva, Matt Harvey or “Bam-Bam.”

NEW YORK, NY – Kelvin Gastelum will NOT face Anderson Silva at UFC 212 in Brazil. Seems this man, who like Silva tries to avoid being maimed for a living while trying to maim his opponent, failed a drug test (full story). HGH, you ask? No. Steroids? Uh-uh.  The cream? Nope. Get this: after partaking in the closest thing our society has to the Roman Gladiators slaying each other at the Coliseum, this guy gets suspended for weed. Weed. Think about that. Why in blazes (smoking term) can’t this guy spark-up a spliff after getting his brains battered? Who does this effect other than him, exactly? He’s not going into the cage stoned. He’d get slaughtered if he did. And with weed legal in different states, isn’t this just silly? We’re not proponents of drugs or marijuana, for that matter, but this is just…wait for it… dopey.

Speaking of Rome and Gladiators, check out Tall Matt in Rome:

Matt Harvey was more The Dark Knight (TDK in texts/hastags) than he was Harvey Dent last night. And you can say what you want, but when he pitches 7 innings and wins, there is that unmistakable je nais sais quoi in the air. It’s the stuff/aura that follows certain superstars. Like him or not, he’s got it. And for those of us that root for the Mets, it’s Amazin’ to have that X-Factor around again. If this guy gets back to his best, this city will be abuzz. Think Gooden. Think Seaver. You can even think Thor/Syndergaard.

Last night, #TDK go out and fire fastballs. He pitched. He had a plan. 6 2/3 on 2-run ball on just 77 pitches is something any baseball fan would take from any pitcher. You hear that, Yankees’ fans? And this was the NUMBER THREE guy in the rotation. Meet The Matt Harvey did serve up two solo bombs to a reborn Matt Kemp but this incarnation of The Harve was as good in his post-game interview as he was in his grilling on The Hill. He was humble. As for the shots Kemp clobbered, he said with a sheepish smirk: I was able to keep the ball down for the most part, except for about 800 feet of home runs by one guy.” Could it be? Could he not be Alex Rodriguez II, after all?! Oh, happy days!

Changing gears, we’ll be on Danny B’s Sports talk show on Saturday. We taped it yesterday but don’t tell anyone that. We’re playing it as though it’s live. On with us was infamous NBA referee Tim Donaghy. Anyway, Danny B asked who would be our MLB Comeback Player of the Year and MLB MVP… For this pundit, the quiet money is on head-case/enigma Yasiel Puig Valdés. If this guy and the Dodgers’ organization can figure out how to screw that confounded head of his on straight, they’ll have a prime-time Vladimir Alvino Guerrero on their hands… That’s for a position player. We also gave him a Comeback Pitcher of the Year. The pick? Matthew Edward Harvey.

As for the MVP, we’re somewhat reticent for not having picked the aforementioned Matthew Ryan Kemp. This guy is a beast again and has Freddy Freeman batting next to him. That’s as formidable a duo as there is in baseball. And really, either of them could win it. But we’re going younger. We’re going Man-Child that is now Man-Man and known as Bam-Bam. That’s right sports fans… Bryce Harper, despite playing for our team’s arch-rival Washington Daniels,  is the choice here!

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P.s… The UFC is no stranger to us. Watch this:


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