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Free NFL Picks, Kardashian, Reggie Bush,
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MARLBORO, NYHoo-freakin’-ray! After a summer sports season of disgust around these parts, the 2017 NFL season kicks off today amid a nasty band of weather to the south. Fully expecting to hit the ground running, I’m here to rock you like a hurricane with Cheesybruin’s Free NFL Picks. If you’re new to MTM, I roll out my top-ranked favorite, underdog, over, and under for your gambling plea$ure.

FAVORITE The latest news out of Dallas regarding the Ezekiel Elliott suspension has no doubt left Commissioner Roger Goodell red-faced. Jimmy_The_Greek Cheesy_Bruin Meet_The_MattsThe Dallas Cowboys star running back looks to be a week in and week out starter for the entire season while litigation keeps him on the field. America, what a country! Everybody who normally hates the Cowboys hates them a little more this year after the judge’s ruling. At risk of being called a “Homer,” I love ‘Merica’s Team to avenge last year’s sweep at the hands of tonight’s opponent, the New York Giants. It’s 50-50 that Big Blew’s temperamental receiver, Odell Beckham, is in the starting lineup and even if he is it’s no guarantee that he’s able to dig into the turf and make cuts on a bum ankle. The Giants aren’t a one-trick pony but taking away the big play goes a long way to a Dallas Cowboys victory in primetime for all the nation to see. The pick DALLAS (-4) over NY Giants

Free NFL Picks, Kardashian, Reggie Bush, MeetTheMatts.comUNDERDOG Going from a marquis matchup to a game that rivals the momentous boredom of Jets-Bills, the Colts-Rams battle is on the Vegas board and at the very least is wager worthy. After all, why would you watch this game if you didn’t have a bet on it? I’m extremely skeptical about Rams quarterback Jared Goff’s ability to play the position–he will have to make a major leap forward in his sophomore season to make the team relevant in the NFC West. Into Los Angeles rolls the Andrew Luck-less Indianapolis Colts who will trot out Scott Tolzien under center. A thirty-year old veteran of three lifetime NFL starts, Tolzien has been with the Colts for a few years and understands the offense and speed of play at the professional level while his counterpart is still finding his way. Throw in the coaching advantage the Colts have in Chuck Pagano over rookie HC Sean McVay and this one is a heavy play. The pick Indianapolis (+4) over LOS ANGELES RAMS

OVER By now, most of you know how high I am on the Cleveland Browns this year and the direction they are headed.  I’m not guaranteeing a victory or even one against the spread but am making a case for them to score enough points to get us the money on an ‘over’ bet.  The Steelers will get their share in the high twenties while the Browns get twenty themselves.  The pick Pittsburgh/CLEVELAND OVER 46.5

UNDER Mercifully, with the Giants playing on Sunday Night Football, the New York viewing area will get Fox’s telecast of the Eagles-Redskins game at 1:00 to keep us from watching Jets-Bills if you don’t have the NFL Sunday Ticket or don’t go out to a watering hole that does. Jared Goff, Free NFL Picks Meet_The_Matts It’s always fun to wager on the game you’re watching to scream and swear at the television.  The pick Philadelphia/WASHINGTON UNDER 48.5

That’s it, leave your two bits below and come back for a man those picks ’em like a Kardashian picks a BushDJ Eberle. And please follow us on Twitter – @CheesyBruin & @MeetTheMatts, @Matt_McCarthy00, Instagram @MeetTheMatts and like our Facebook page, Meet The Matts.

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