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FREE NFL Picks, Philly-Sports-GuideMARLBORO, NY – The holidays are officially here and I hope all of you in Mattville had a wonderful Thanksgiving. It is the time of year of unparalleled indulgence and today’s Cheesy Bruin’s Free NFL Picks have a food-related twist to them, one that may just leave you repulsed… or hungry. Last week I returned to Earth a bit, going 2-2 but I’m still hot at 65% (18-6) over the past six weeks. Here goes nuthin’…

FAVORITE: The Kansas City-Buffalo game is a food lover’s delight and you just know a heavy hitter like Andy Reid will be first at the buffet table. The Chefs Chiefs have been struggling, losing four of their last five. This comes after a hot star, so it turns their staple cuisine into something called BBQ & A. Reid is now fielding questions about when his spiraling team will make the change to Patrick Mahomes at quarterback, after a few ugly performances. After pulling Tyrod Taylor for Nate Peterman at QB, the Buffalo Bills’ HC Sean McDermott has single handedly turned thinly sliced roast au jus on a salted bun into a “beef on wreck”. The first year head coach needs a wing man (see what I did there?) to take some heat off but I think you lose a locker room when you pull stunts like this while your team is fighting for a playoff spot. Kay Cee needs not just a win but a blowout victory to instill some lost confidence and mojo for the stretch run and the Bills will play patsy for them. The Pick? KANSAS CITY -9.5 over Buffalo.

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Who am I, sports fans?

UNDERDOG: There’s a North Carolina cherry flavored soft drink called Cheerwine that I look for at gas station mini-stores during my drives to Florida. Yeah, you can wash down whatever they’re deep frying in North Carolina with Cheerwine but today there’s gonna be some agita for Panthers fans who expect the Cats to open up a can of “whoop ass” on the Jets. I like the Jets resiliency this year and they have turned sh!t into chicken salad all year long–I’ll have mine on an everything bagel. The Pick? NEW YORK JETS +5.5 over Carolina.

OVER: There’s a place called Bourbon Street in NYC where MTM Management used to have a Staff Holiday Party. On the appetizer menu are alligator bites from Jacksonville. They go good with a beer or bourbon of your choice. There’s other southern fare like catfish and craw fish, too. Our very own JG Clancy, now with a layover in Yuma, Arizona, has shown up for these get-togethers. What am I getting at here? The Jaguars travel to Arizona for a game where the experts are calling for a low-scoring game… but I see the opposite. The Pick? Jacksonville/ARIZONA OVER 38.

FREE NFL Picks, Philly-Sports-Guide,
But I win with @CheesyBruins Free NFL Picks!

UNDER: Deep-dish pizza needs to be eaten with a knife and fork because it’s a very dense pie. A cheese steak dripping with meaty grease and cheesy oil is another culinary marvel complete with a few veggies thrown in the sandwich. People in Philly argue over Geno’s or Pat’s while Chicagoans defend their pizza against New York’s version. Make no mistake over what we’re betting in the Bears-Eagles game today, however.  The pick? Chicago/PHILADELPHIA UNDER 44.

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