Antonio Brown MVP, Jets Phone It In and NBA Europe


EL BARRIO, EL FALLS – This is no longer pitch-hitting; I have been inserted in the everyday line-up, except Coach Mini-Matt won’t tell me that because he enjoys pretending that being a MTM writer is not volunteering to stay at the Hotel California. Anyway, let’s get to the reason you are all here: to read a wonderful article of sorts by yours indentured, using my often-imitated but never duplicated tried-and-true formula of a Song of the Week, followed by Sports Stuff. Here is what is on the menu for today’s Stuff: Antonio Brown MVP, Jets Phone It In & NBA Europe.

Song of the Week: After calling MTM writing like staying at Hotel California, I got no choice but to play the song.  I also feel Eagles-inspired after seeing an ad for their concert tour. How this will work with Glenn Frey gone, will be interesting to me. And probably only me, because there are not a lot die-hard Eagles fans among the staff. So with that said, lets take a listen to Hotel California by The Eagles.

Antonio Brown for MVP:Apparently, a Wide Receiver has never won the NFL MVP trophy. I find that hard to believe sort of. I would have figured considering the history of great receivers that have played in the league this should have happened already. However, the NFL is a quarterback obsessed league so of course the credit always goes to the guy throwing the ball and not receiving it. However, when you look at the Steelers and the year they are having  -mainly because Antonio Brown is always finding a way to be open and make Ben Rothlisberger look great – A-Brow needs to get some league-wide respect. It may not happen but Brown is doing all he can to state his case.

Jets Phone It In: So the Jets Offensive Coordinator, John Morton, did something different this week and admitted that he phoned it in vs Denver. Despite how bad the offense looked, he didn’t do it at the start of the game. After starting quarterback Josh McCown went down and back-up Bryce Petty, who hadn’t played since the pre-season went it. Morton tried to mount a comeback. The Jets threw six passes and Petty was 1 for 6 for 9 yards. Morton looked at the clock and how bad the team had played all day and decided there were 11 minutes left in the 4th quarter and a comeback was improbable. So, he called some running plays to run out the clock. He said something along the lines of, we had gotten our butts whipped and there was nothing good coming out of that day, so why take chances and have something bad like another injury. Let’s run out the clock and get out of Dodge. Some may call this quitting. I see this as discretion being the better part of valor. Although, Robbie Anderson‘s poor performance killed me, fantasy sports-wise.

Vinny, can you believe these guys?

NBA Europe: Apparently the “Association” has thought about doing what the NFL does, playing a regular season game or two in Europe. Present scheduling difficulties make that near impossible, so they have begun thinking long-term, looking at a Europe Division. Looks like London, Paris, Berlin, Madrid and Milan/Rome would be the 5 spots to join the league. I actually would not call this a bad idea. Hell, the league has so many Europeans and 5 teams makes it a proper road trip. The schedule-makers may struggle with it.

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