Real Philly Fan Super Bowl Reaction, plus God Is An Eagles Fan

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SPANISH HARLEM – I finally get my turn to talk about the Super Bowl. I know a lot has been written but you finally get a real reaction to everything that transpired from a real Philadelphia Eagles fan. It’s been a crazy year for me, as they became the team to beat in the NFL, then lost their Franchise QB, Carson Wentz. Admittedly, I took the news pretty hard. As an Eagles fan, you think of the worst when you hear news like that. But I remembered how well Nick Foles played when Wentz went down against the Los Angeles Rams of St. Louis… how well he played as our starter in 2013.

Did I believe they would go to the Super Bowl and win… absolutely not! I just didn’t want to see them crumble. I didn’t want to see them give up. That would of been enough for me this season but something weird happened. This team started to believe that they could win; that they had a guy in Foles that was good at his job. Doug Pederson told them that all they had to do was execute their game play and everything would be fine.

Real Eagles Fan Super Bowl Reaction, God Is a Philly Guy

When the playoffs started I wasn’t nervous at all because I knew what they were up against, that helped a lot through out the process. The whole underdog thing that happened later was something I could rally behind.  There was no pressure to win… but win they did. That all changed when they made the Super Bowl Big Game. This was for all the marbles. No matter what I told myself, this was the biggest game of the year and despite all the underdog stuff, it would really sting if they lost.

I tried my best to talk to people that saw the game with me… tried to take my mind off everything that was going on but it started to hit me at halftime. I started to feel a knot in my stomach. I felt my anxiety creeping in, so I went to the bathroom… and basically barfed. It wasn’t because of Justin Timberlake, though that didn’t help. Philadelphia_Eagles, Meet_The_Matts, Ben_Franklin, God, Buddy DiazSure, the Eagles were winning but I started to think about all those times the New England Patriots came back to win games. I saw Tom Brady doing Tom Brady things and never felt that this game was over. Not even after that fumble did I feel safe; I remembered the Tuck Rule and needed to watch that replay over and over again. Then after the call was confirmed, a field goal put the Eagles up by 8, I remembered how Brady made to two 8-point scores against Atlanta to win his 5th ring. When that final Hail Mary pass went up and the clock turned to zero, I prayed that nobody from the Patriots would come down with a catch that could change everything.

God was an Eagles fan on Sunday night, but more importantly I finally got to see my favorite football team hoist the Lombardi trophyfor the 1st time. It was truly one for the ages!


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