Rain Man Rants: NFL Draft Pick Review For Jets, Giants And Bills

EL BARRIO, EL FALLS – The thing with living in Western New York is that there is no way of getting away from talking about the Bills. Especially with the NFL Draft, all people can do is talk about who the Bills will pick. Today, I’m only addressing the first round (this was penned before the other rounds) and the only three teams I care about. the NY Jets, NY Giants & Buffalo Bills. So, this weeks piece will feature the usual Song of the Week, followed by NFL Draft Talk.

Ken O’Brien MK2?

Song of the Week: We had sunshine for a few days this week!! Apparently we have another snowstorm coming in for the weekend. After that it is suppose to get better but who knows if it will or wont. However, for those brief few days I was happy. Happy enough to make a silly one hit wonder song, the song of the week.  So with that as the background, this week’s Song of the Week is Steal My Sunshine by Len. It is a bit of a jingle but what do you want from me!?! I am starved of good weather and will take every little bit I can get, beggars can’t be choosy, remember!?!?

Jets Pick Darnold: The hearts of Jets fans move to their stomachs when they think of Jets draft picks. We passed on Junior Seau for Blair Thomas. We drafted Vernon Ghoulston and countless bums. And this week we selected – with the 3rd pick overall – Sam Darnold! The Jets traded both their second round picks to get this high and they haven’t selected a QB with their first pick in the draft since Mark Sanchez. Most of their flops at QB have be lower round picks or free agents. The few times they went this high, they ended up with Sanchez, Chad Pennignton and Ken O’Brien. These guys weren’t bad and got the Jets to the playoffs but were military mediums. The Jets need more than medium from Darnold and he may be just that. I don’t like that he fumbled too much in college and threw too many interceptions. However, as I have been saying all off-season, the Jets have a good structure for this rookie, probably the best they have had since I have followed them. They have two QBs fighting out for the number one spot in Teddy Bridgewater and Josh McCown, meaning Darnold will be 3rd string and allowed to learn. In addition, McCown has gladly accepted the role of mentor to the young Darnold, to show him how to be a professional on and off the field. Having two high character guys work with a Rookie and challenge him to be better is a smart long-term project and shows something the Jets are rarely known for… foresight.

Giants Pick Barkley: Giants Sports Radio host Dave Rothenberg was livid that the Giants drafted Saquon Barkley. It is not that the kid is a bad pick, he is likely the best player available in the draft. It is that the Giants have so many more pressing needs here that they could have traded down and filled more holes. And considering Eli Manning is pushing 37, why not grab one of the many quarterbacks on display? Nope, they decided it was best they grab a running back when their offensive line is filled with guys who aren’t household names even in their own households. When this publishes, it will be after their pick, but I hope to god for their sake they take Will Hernandez, who for some unknown reason, is still available. It is likely that Cleveland won’t take him – because it’s Cleveland – and they will likely draft a kicker or something. I mean they took the absolute worst two options in the first round. If the Giants don’t take Hernandez, then Giants fans can relax in knowing they have the #1 pick for next year.

Buffalo Bills pick Allen and Edwards: The Bills likely gave up 5 picks for 2 picks in the first round and it seems a bit much. Josh Allen’s fall shows that it is a dirty game. It is likely another QB’s agent leaked those racist texts so their guy would go higher, or the Bills did it so he would fall to them. Such is the cutthroat nature of the business. As for the tweets, I am fine with it because he was in high school. When I was in high school, I was a big homophobe, but by my 30s I was coaching NYC’s only gay rugby club. We all get older, learn something and mature, so I will not demand he hang just yet. As for how he will do in Buffalo, I don’t know, but I know as a Wyoming kid, he won’t be scared of the weather. The Bills second pick of the first round was Tremaine Edmunds and he will be good. He has football in his DNA and he should be very good, not sure All-Pro but to be that good at 19, I expect him to make a Pro Bowl or two.

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