Yankees Post Mortem, Who Should Be New York Knicks Point Guard

SPANISH HARLEM – Its been a week since the New York Yankees lost to the Boston Red Sox in the ALDS, we can all agree now that the better team won. They were the better team during the season and they were the better team when it mattered. While it sucked for Yankees fans, many faced the cold hard truth. The organization has to be happy they won 100 games but it still wasn’t good enough to win the division. So now it’s back to the drawing board and see what can make this team better for next year.

Starting Pitching

This upcoming free agency will shape this Yankees team for better or worse. I don’t think this franchise saved money on the cap because they wanted to be frugal. They did this with an eye on the future, as Brian Cashman stated before…”we want to win championships”. Sure they have to win one first but with this organization, you have to win more than one. This fan base loves October and the only thing better than winning one is winning multiple chips.

The glaring weakness on this team the whole season was the starting rotation. They never got the ace like starter they coveted in Garrett Cole and the Houston Astros became better for landing him. It was the one mistake I think Cashman would take back if he had the opportunity. That’s in the past now but it still means you have holes on the starting rotation and expect the organization to address that this upcoming season. While there aren’t ace like pitchers unless you still consider Clayton Kershaw one, there will be options. Patrick Corbin has been rumored to favor the Yankees, as a life long Yankees fans, you could consider him a sure bet to take the money coming his way.

A lot has been made about the relief pitching on this team yet the starters left this Yankees team in holes they couldn’t dig out of. Much has been said about Aaron Boone and the way he handled the starters but other than Masahiro Tanaka, what other starter gave this team a chance to win?

Who Should Start at Point Guard for the New York Knicks?

David Fizdale has started 4 different guys at point guard during the pre-season and still no ones knows who will be THE GUY on opening night. If I had a choice I would go with Frank Ntilikina because his defense alone gives this team the best chance to win. The more minutes he gets, the better off this team will be, plus I like Trey Burke better as a scoring point guard off the bench. It will probably be Burke on Wednesday because Fizdale likes the versatility that Ntilikina brings on defense, guarding multiple positions. I’m not the head coach and I most certainly wouldn’t contradict his choice but I hope Frank Ntilikina gets every opportunity to succeed, it will only help in the long run.

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