Big Ben Tuesday: Giants SAQuash Skins, Pats Lose on Miracle Rugby Play

Saq for Sam?

WASHINGTON, DC – It was an enjoyable NFL Week 14, highlighted for me by the Redsucks gettingSaquashed in Washington and the Pats losing on the lateral play that never works. Let’s get to it.

Saq for Sam?

Snyder SAQued

It’s been ages since the Giants put 40 on anyone. It was great to see them do it against Daniel “The Douche” Snyder’s team. The guy had no problem claiming a repeat domestic abuser because they did their own investigation. It turns out that consisted of a chat with two Redskins who played with the guy at Alabama. Said Senior VP Doug Williams, “…it’s six guys on this football team that went to Alabama, that know [Foster], that played with him or what have you. It wasn’t like we gotta talk to all five.”

That’s understandable. It’s difficult to have a quick discussion with five or six guys on your own team. It’s a big building, I think they were in the crapper. But the first two guys said Foster was cool and that was enough for Snyder. It was a comprehensive investigation. But sign Colin Kaepernick? No way!

I know, you’re tired of hearing about Kaepernick. On a related note, Buttfumbler Sanchez was 6 for 14 for 38 yards with 2 picks.

So You’re Saying There’s a Chance?

The Giants actually have a not totally ridiculous path to the playoffs.

CAR loses 2 of 3 to NO, ATL, NO
PHI loses 2 of 3 to LAR, HOU, WAS
MIN loses 2 of 3 to MIA, DET, CHI
GB loses 1 of 3 to CHI, NYJ, DET
NYG beats TEN, IND, and DAL

Giants would travel to CHI for WC game

Gronk on his face instead of the sideline

What? Apart from the Giants running the table, all that stuff could easily happen. Individually, I think they’re all likely to happen. I know, the Giants are not going to the playoffs. But it’s surprising there is even a semi-plausible scenario for it happening.

Saq for Sam?

If you were Dave Gettleman, would you trade Saquon Barkley straight up for Sam Darnold right now? I think we’ve seen enough to agree that Saquon is the real deal. But the Giants QB situation is unsettled to say the least. The one negative in this game for the Giants was Kyle Lauletta, who was 0 for 5 with an interception against a defense that quit playing two quarters before he came in. Come on Shurmur, call a bubble screen or something to get him a completion.

Though Darnold has been inconsistent, he has shown signs that he can become a franchise guy. With your future QB situation a mess, would you hand off your stud RB with “great one” written all over him to roll the dice on Sam? Tough one.

May this man never hold the Lombardi Trophy

Bill Blows It

I loved the ending of the Dolphins game, and not just because I hate the Patriots. We former rugby players love to talk about how many times in a football games where rugby skills would come in handy. The last ditch lateral play never hardly ever works because they always stand still and pass it back and sideways. Players rarely threaten the D by running it forward. Well, Kenyon Drake pushed it forward and caught the Pats “D” flatfooted.

I put D in quotes because Bellichick made an uncharacteristic blunder by having Gronk and the Hail Mary D on the field. Stumbling Gronk had the angle but couldn’t make the play. Did you think Ryan Tannehill could throw it 70 yards, Bill? Had he kept the regular defense on the field, that was a win. Bellichick had a brain melt and blew the game.

And it was a big deal because now they’ll likely have to go through KC in the playoffs, who moved two games in front. That’s a tough place to play. The odds of New England getting back to the Super Bowl just got a lot longer. Could this be the end of the Brady Bellichick Era? Fingers crossed.

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