Thoughts on Andrew Luck, Ezekiel Elliott, Retirement and Injuries in the NFL

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SPANISH HARLEM – The biggest news of the week, at least in my opinion, surrounded two players that many thought would play major roles in their respective offenses this season: Andrew Luck and Ezekiel Elliott. These two stars were thought to be the most important pieces of their team’s and now the Dallas Cowboys and Indianapolis Colts have some very important decisions to make about their respective futures.


I won’t waste your time because by now you already know that Andrew Luck retired and left Twitter and Colts fans to do and say some pretty shitty things. First, let me add that releasing the news that Luck was going to retire wasn’t the correct move because I think the player deserves the right to release that information to his fans first. I know we live in a day and age where information is everything and if it’s not one person, it will be someone else. Regardless, it sucked for Luck that he had to be booed by his fans before he could give his side of the story. I understand that Colts fans were mad, and it certainly wasn’t a bright side for them in the media. But I can feel their pain.

Ezekiel-Elliott, Don_Mattingly, Andrew_Luck, Meet_The_Matts, Buddy_Diaz

Don Mattingly was my first favorite baseball player and when he decided to not come back that year in ’96 and eventually retired, it devastated me. I couldn’t understand that injuries, especially his back, had taken their toll throughout the years. He was done and there wasn’t anything anyone could do about it, which brings me back to Luck. He had dealt through his fair share of injuries and rehab, that lead to more years of pain and suffering. Andrew Luck was done with the sport he loved, he gave it all he had, and he wanted to enjoy his life again. Most people think he has the best job in the world, and they might be right, but it doesn’t mean that it’s easy. Football athletes put their body and brain on the line every day in practice and on gamedays, as I say that maybe its one of the worst jobs in the world. Either way I don’t think people should be mad at Luck for the decision he made, he did what he thought what was right.


The Dallas Cowboys have been without their star running back the whole preseason and so far, it doesn’t look like Jerry Jones wants to pony up the type of contract that Elliott is looking for. That is sad for Cowboy fans because the guy is their most important offensive player and the one that many believe is the best running back in football. Here’s the thing: running backs don’t last long in the NFL. They are unpredictable because of the high rate of punishment inherent in the job description, so you never know when one, statistically, might fall off a cliff. That said, I totally buy in to any running back holding out for more money when they exceed their contract expectations, especially a star early in their career. The position has one of the lowest year-to-year expectancies in the league. The clock is ticking, every time you break a tackle or take a big hit, the worse it gets. So make the most money when you can because you never know.

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