Sports Monday Morsels: Giants Game Plan, Neon Deion, No-Trade Brodie, Saints Damned

NEW YORK, NY – It’s a happy Monday for some and a not-so-happy Monday for others, depending how your teams fared. Looking back in retrospect is easy, right? Something about hindsight and next year? (2020, folks) Well, since Monday morning quarterbacking is a specialty here, let’s redigest some what the weekend served as per today’s headline: Sports Monday Morsels: Giants Game Plan, Neon Dion, Saints Damned

BROADCASTER BRILLIANCE – One thing that got me giddy was the post-game interview of Russell Carrington Warren Wilson by Deion Luwynn Sanders, Sr.: “Tell me about the balance of running vs throwing the football… because is seems like when you’re running the ball effectively,  you’re much more effective.” Hard to argue with that. Another eye-opener from that interview, which was done with Mr. Wilson on his cell phone while holding a selfie-stick in the locker room, was Russell’s hair. Our intel says he walked into the barbershop and asked for “the late 80’s Lionel Richie.” Hairdo aside, the guy can play. Loved watching him throw a downfield block against my wife’s hometown Steelers.

It’s also important to look away from your guest as you interview them.

GIANTS GAME PLAN – Oy. Vey. History repeats itself gang and ignoring it is just plain dopey. Let’s go back to January 27, 1991. The New York Football Giants defeated the Buffalo Bills 20-19 in Super Bowl XXV with a backup QB. How? They did it by keeping Jim Kelly & Co of the pitch (for our rugby peeps), with OJ Anderson pounding into holes ripped open by angry, beefy linemen. [Oh my.] Cut to present day and you don’t have a backup (yet) at the helm, nor do you have an aging former star in the backfield. You have your incumbent QB and a budding superstar ready to rock. Yes, Steve Serby came up with the same idea the other day but yours truly didn’t see it until early this morning. In fact, we tweeted it during the game yesterday, referring to it as the “Wide Right” Super Bowl. Regardless, we shouldn’t need David McCullough or Ken Burns for this. Jesus.

BRODIE’S NON-TRADES – With the trade world quaking about him, Brodie Van Wagenen stood firm, finding his sea legs on the cracking foundation of what seemed like yet another Mets season gone down the proverbial sink/stink hole. He held all his cards, and it turns out he had 5 aces. The odd Noah Syndergaard mental hiccup aside, this starting five is the best in baseball. You gotta know when to throw ’em and you gotta no when to hold ’em. And the Mets GM apparently knew. Sure, we prefer giving people sh*t more than credit, particularly when they force-feed us servings of Edwin Orlando Díaz Laboy, Jeurys Familia Mojica and Robinson José Canó Mercedes. But a tip of the cap is due here for the non-trades of Zachary Harrison Wheeler, Noah Seth Syndergaard and Steven Jakob Matz. Now let’s hope he holds those aces through the off-season. SIDE NOTE: Matz’s dad sells cars and Cano’s full name includes Mercedes.

THUMBS DOWN FOR SAINTS: When you tune into a marquee match-up, especially one you don’t have a stake in, you want to see the best players going at it. You don’t want to tune in and see Theodore Bridgewater Jr. dropping back in the pocket for New Orleans vs the Los Angeles Rams of St. Louis & Los Angeles. But Teddy Ballgame looked okay… for a bit. Then he finished with a QB rating of 72.2. Pray for the Saints, people… and pray for Drew Christopher Brees‘ thumb.

That’s it, comment below, stay away from fried foods and stop ignoring history. And whatever you do, don’t ignore Bubbly Ben Whitney tomorrow.

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