NFL Notes, Banter, Cheesy Bruin’s FREE NFL Picks, Week 6

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BLOOMINGBURG, NY – That gigantic thud you heard last Sunday wasn’t Danny Dimes playing like a nickel and two pennies against the Vikings at MetLife Stadium, which I witnessed first hand courtesy of Angry Ward. Legion of Boom, Jimmy_The_Greek Cheesy_Bruin Meet_The_Matts, FREE NFL PICKSIt was the big ol’ dough-nut I put up after a perfect week prior on Cheesy Bruin’s Free NFL Picks here on MTM. One step forward, two steps back is how it usually goes for me in life, so why should this be any different. Here are today’s suspect selections.

FAVORITE All you need to know about the Miami Dolphins comes the way of the Las Vegas oddsmakers. The Washington Redskins are winless thus far. They fired their head coach this past week. They have a three-headed quarterback situation (Keenum, McCoy, Haskins), with none ready to grab the reins. They have scored 25 points over the past three weeks or one less than the Abe Vigodas have managed to put on the board all year. They suck. However, the Vegas Wiseguys have installed the ‘Skins as four-point favorites…on the road. If you’re in a King of the Hill pool and don’t want to burn a heavy favorite for later use then look no further than selecting Washington. Adrian Peterson returns to his earlier Vikings form. And maybe so does the aforementioned Case Keenum. This is why the NFL is such a big hit across our nation–why else would anybody want to watch this game other than to wager on such? The Pick? Washington -4 over MIAMI

UNDERDOG This selection kills me. Many of you are aware I’m a Dallas Cowboys fan (as you can see in the above photo with Jimmy The Greek). I have a good grasp on this team, especially when I sense a straight up loss or against the spread. Today is one of them. The odds are a hint that someone is expecting an otherworldly effort from the J-E-T-S today with the Cowpokes favored by a touchdown. Even with the return of Mr. Mono, Sam Darnold at quarterback there are still injuries up and down the roster. Gang Green hasn’t been able to muster much on offense but play over their heads on defense. Dallas has been shooting themselves in the foot recently with turnovers and penalties, which is a recipe for disaster. Their o-line is a bit banged up and this pointspread is looking a little too much to cover on the road today. Fingers crossed the ‘Boys just come out with a win but this has all the makings of a back door Jets cover. The Pick? NEW YORK JETS +7 over Dallas

Go Fish!

OVER There’s no analysis on this selection other than a gut feeling where two quarterbacks light up the Ohio skies. The Pick? Seattle/CLEVELAND OVER 46.5

Cheesy_Bruin, Rich_Perlongo, Meet_The_Matts, FREE_NFL_PICKS, Cowboys, Redskins, Sam_Darnold,skins-fans

UNDER It seems as though more often than not whenever two juggernaut offenses play each other the results are often less than what’s expected. The marquis matchup of the day is Houston at Kay Cee. Yeah, there should be a sh!tload of points and offense as my over/under number would have been 60. Well, the handicap is five points shy of that and this means the Wiseguys are bucking public perception and are tipping their hands toward the under. Good enough for me as double-nickels are still a number this one sneaks beneath. The Pick? Houston/KANSAS CITY UNDER 55

That’s it for me. Comment below and come back tomorrow for Short Matt, who screwed up yesterday’s schedule after Junoir Blaber and his missus welcomed Lawrence Blaber III into the world this week.

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