Monday Morning QB: Regular Season Standings and Playoff Picture


EL BARRIO, EL FALLSHappy Monday people! Congrats on the final column of the year for me. Working at MTM is indentured servitude without ever making the necessary amount to win your freedom… But I am rambling, so let’s get to the final NFL Regular Season Standings and Playoff Picture.

Regular Season Finales

The biggest result of the final weekend of the NFL was the shock loss by the New England Patriots to the lowly Miami Dolphins. The result means the Belicheats wont have a bye and they have never made the Super Bowl without a bye… The Pittsburgh Steelers had a heck of run for a team that went through 3 QBs this season but in the end they came up short while the Tennesse Titans won their play-in game with the Houston Texans… The Buffalo Bills and the Minnesota Vikings having locked in the 5 seed in their respective conferences so they both treated their final regular season game as the final preseason game and played the back ups. The Bills move allowed the NY Jets to get a win and finish the season 1 game under .500, hopefully Gase is still released.

AFC Rundown

The Patriots raced out to such a fast start this season that they seemed a lock for #1 seed. However, they lost the Ravens and became inconsistent. That culminated with them falling to the 3 seed… The Ravens meanwhile, won against the Patriots and locked down the #1 seed with consistent victories, the Chiefs started slow but heated up toward the end of season. The Houston Texans won the AFC South and the four seed but they are less impressive than the other 3 division winners. The two Wild Cards are the aforementioned Bills and Titans [#GoTits] and I think Da Bills have a chance against the Texans, but the Titans? I don’t hold out much hope for.

NFC Rundown

Let’s all laugh at the Cowboys! HA HA HA HA! They finally got around to winning a game but it was too late to catch the Eagles and stop them from winning the NFC LEast… The Seattle Seahawks lost their match-up against the San Francisco 49ers, so the Niners win the #1 seed and first-round bye, while Seattle gets to go to Philly… In the other Wild Card game its Minnesota vs New Orleans. That will be one hella of a game after last years insanity.

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