Infectious Buddy Diaz re NBA Tourney-Style Season, Rangers Winning Stanley Cup, MLB Twin Bill Madness

Artemi Panarin, Meet_The_Matts, Coronavirus, Buddy_Diaz, Adam Silver, Ernie Banks

SPANISH HARLEM – Its been about two weeks since all sports ceased and it has been difficult for someone like me. All I do is read watch and read about sports. I even stay updated on WWE wrestling even though I don’t watch every show. The landscape has changed; instead of looking forward to the NBA and NHL playoffs, we are thinking about how things will change when those sports start up again. It seems we have a ton questions that need answers and I will try to do my best to look into some of them today.

What the NBA Should Do When the League Resumes

Remember the tournament style games that Adam Silver spoke about not too long ago? It was a wrinkle that the Commissioner thought would add some excitement to the league. Why not do it this year? There are rumblings that the playoffs should start immediately upon return but many think that there will be some regular season games, to let players practice and get into game shape before going into the playoffs. But what about the teams that won’t make the playoffs? The tournament would be made of up of teams that are out of the playoffs and give fans in those cities something to look forward to. Yes, most people will watch the NBA playoffs. But who wouldn’t want to watch more games that matter? I’m all for it and hope to see something like this implemented when the season resumes.

Artemi Panarin, Meet_The_Matts, Coronavirus, Buddy_Diaz, Adam Silver, Ernie Banks

How Will Injuries Impact Major League Baseball?

This is a question that would be asked even if games started on time but it seems more important than ever before. At this point, we know that the league will be hard pressed to play all 162, even with double-headers (Ernie Banks) being discussed as a way to make-up games and that is where injuries will tend to happen. You almost never see twinbills in baseball because they aren’t scheduled and when they do happen, it’s because an earlier game wasn’t played due to weather. Why not expand the rosters to 28 and have those players that aren’t playing much on standby at their Triple A affiliate? Make it similar to what the NBA does with their two-way contracts, where players can play for their G-League team one day and play the next day in the NBA, if needed. This might get complicated in baseball because of the option rules but I’m sure that something can be worked out so that players aren’t forced to play more games in a short amount of time and can get the rest they deserve without affecting the quality of play.

Can the New York Rangers Make the Stanley Cup?

I know nothing about hockey but the Rangers are young and naïve enough to make a run. What do you think Different Matt & Ben Whitney, can this team do it? Don’t ask me why but I thought back to the NBA shortened season when the New York Knicks made the Championship in 1999. Nobody expected them to make that run and the roster was talented and younger than seasons prior. It got me wondering if the Rangers could pull off something similar. They are currently in the 7th seed and the Knicks were the 8th seed when they made that magical run… so why can’t it happen again?

Leave your comments below – please wear gloves – and come back tomorrow for a guy that is on call call 27/7 these days, Replacement Matt.

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