Sports Rain Man: Washington Blanks and #FreeWoj

Black Lives Mater, Adrian Wojnarowski, Meet_The_Matts, Junoir_Blaber, Senator Josh Hawley, Daniel Snyder

EL BARRIO, EL FALLS – Happy Monday. I am literally running out of topics. I should adopt Angry Ward’s approach of just sharing whatever is on my mind. If it seems like I am mailing it in lately, I am not. It is just my natural talent coming through.  Here are the topics for today: Washington Blanks & #FreeWoj.

Washington Blanks

SIDE NOTE:  In discussing this with my wife, she thought the Washington Redskins play as in Washington state, which I found terrible and shocking at the same time… So, Daniel Snyder is finally going to change the name of the Washington Racial Slurs.  As usual, its all about the money. Sponsors started dropping them and FedEx, the title sponsors of the the team’s stadium, also said they were out. That was apparently enough for Snyder to finally cave. I don’t know if the Washington Swamp Things (wife’s suggestion) – like the Gators – will work with this current climate but there are the Bills! Politicians is being thrown around but I still think the Senators or the Red Tails would work.

Black Lives Mater, Adrian Wojnarowski, Meet_The_Matts, Junoir_Blaber, Senator Josh Hawley, Daniel Snyder


I want to shout out to Cam James’ beautiful state of Missouri… and it’s horrible Senator Josh Hawley. I didn’t like Hawley to begin with because he beat Claire McCaskill and I love me some Claire McCaskill. I think she lost out on changing demographics in the state but I digress. Hawley pulled a stunt and decried the NBA supporting #BLM. He said the jerseys should have messages supporting cops, firefighters, and Hong Kong of all things. ESPN NBA beat writer Adrian Wojnarowski kindly sent him an expletive laden two word email. Hawley, like a crybaby, made the email public. This resulted in getting Woj suspended. Basketball players, including LeBron James, have Twitter support for Woj and I would reply t with a two-letter email saying ” Get Stuffed.

Thanks for reading and come back tomorrow for our LeBron, Big Ben Whitney. But first, feel free to comment below.

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