Looking at What’s To Come for New York Sports In Twenty One

Aaron Judge, Kyrie Irving, Daniel Jones, Steve Cohen, Giancarlo_Stanton, Knicks, Nets, Yankees, Meet_The_Matt, Buddy_Diaz

SPANISH HARLEM – With the New Year’s right around the corner, I thought I would write about some things that most New York fans want to see happen for their teams in 2021. Apologies to fans of the NHL, Major League Rugby and the MLS but I’m only discussing leagues I actually watch (no offence). I can’t give my opinion on teams from leagues I know nothing about but I will the hockey fans to discuss want they want to see in the comments below.

On that note, let’s get right to it…

New York Giants

There is still a chance for the Giants to make the playoffs but regardless from the outcome, I don’t think there is fan that believes this team can contend for a championship this season. Also, this is about 2021, so let’s look past this season into next year and what is there too look forward.

For one, I think most fans want to see if Daniel Jones is the franchise quarterback the organization expected him to be when they drafted him. He went higher in that draft than most expected and there were some that thought they could have traded down and still got the guy they wanted. He has struggled this season but you can blame some of those issues on a bad offensive line, one that has been bad for years now. If Jones is not the man, you can expect there to be a Sam Darnold type situation… and nobody wants that.

New York Jets

The odds are that the J-E-T-S will be looking for a quarterback in this upcoming NFL draft and Trevor Lawrence will not be an option for two reason: 1) He stays in college for one more year because he doesn’t want to play for the worst team in the NFL or 2) He gets drafted by the Jacksonville Jaguars with the number one pick. Both scenarios have the Jets scrambling for the next best quarterback.

There may be a chance the kid pulls an “Eli Manning” and request a trade because he doesn’t want to be a Jaguar. There is also a very good chance he may not want to a Jet as well and another team trades up for him. Either way, the Jets hope they get the pick right on the remaining quarterbacks in the draft.

New York Knicks

As Knicks fan, I want to see a competitive team that plays tough defense. So far, we have seen both but I also don’t want them winning too many games this season because next year’s NBA draft is loaded with players viewed as team-changers. Guys that can help a team elevate their status in the league and I don’t want the Knicks to pull a “Jets” and do things to damage their place in the draft standings.

Brooklyn Nets

That’s easy… its Championship or Bust! Also, healthy seasons for Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant.

New York Yankees

It’s definitely bringing back DJ Lemahieu but you also want to see another pitcher there that can you can trust in a playoff series. Also, you want to see full and healthy seasons for Aaron Judge and Giancarlo Stanton. The injury has hit them pretty hard the last two season and you hope that is not an organizational thing. If they can stay healthy, they can definitely win it all.

New York Mets

Fans wanted a new owner for years and going into 2021, they will see if that helps the franchise sign big name players that they weren’t able to get with the prior ownership. It hasn’t looked good so far for Mets fans that want Steve Cohen to go “Steinbrenner” and sign the best players on the market. There is hope, though, because Cohen has the money to compete with other high market teams and when you have that, you have a chance.

Aaron Judge, Kyrie Irving, Daniel Jones, Steve Cohen, Giancarlo_Stanton, Knicks, Nets, Yankees, Meet_The_Matt, Buddy_Diaz

Good luck and much health to all in 2021! Happy New Year’s to EVERYONE!

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