Groundhog Day Bears, Urban Meyer, Kyrie Irving, Yankees Ain’t The Mets

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NEW YORK, NY – Granted, everything these days is considered “breaking” by us traffic-seeking media gluttons but it truly has been a busy couple/three days in terms of breaking sports news – and here’s what my concussion-addled brain came up with for purposes here: Groundhog Day Bears, Urban Meyer, Kyrie Irving, Yankees Ain’t The Mets.

Groundhog Day Bears

The Chicago Bears are looking for a quarterback. Again. And again. They are the new Cleveland Browns, pre Baker Mayfield. Their GM, Ryan Pace, who has as much job security as a bartender in Manhattan (topical COVID humor), said this:

As far as the plan at quarterback, to get to where we want to go, we definitely need more out of that position.”

No shipth, Sherlock. And this came after he and coach Matt Nagy got the proverbial kiss of death in the form of that vote of confidence from ownership. In all seriousness, I think they should go after Sam Darnold. The kid may just need a change of greenery. [Let that one sit…]

Urban Meyer

The Jacksonville Jaguars brought in one of college football’s most successful coaches. But reports that he hasn’t coached any “professional” football are flat-out #FakeFootballNews. He’s been coaching D1 NCAA players. THEY ARE PROFESSIONALS. Aside from that, he’s coming in to takeover the sh*ttiest team in the NFL after stepping away from coaching because of health issues.

“I believe I will not coach again.”

That’s what he said in December of 2018. Urban Meyer, you’re full of sh*t and for no particular reason, I’m rooting against you.

Kyrie Irving

Why the Brooklyn Nets didn’t see this coming is beyond me. If you come to this site, you likely know yours truly has been saying Irving is, and has been, a disruptive malcontent in the NBA. And that’s putting it mildly. Now  the New York press gets to have fun with this crazy cat who cavalierly bounce-passes coronavirus worry to his newest teammates. He just got fined 850K for violating COVID protocol and missing games. 50K was from the NBA. 800+K was the pay he was docked for two games. TWO GAMES. Eight Hundred Thousand Dollars. Two. Just two. That’s $80 to you and me. And you know what? Nets fans will be lucky to see this Big 3 play 40 games a season together.

Yankees Ain’t The Mets

It’s over. The Stanks reign as the big-spending, headline-grabbing monster of NYC baseball is done. Kaput. The Mets are the shipth now. LeMahieu and Kluber? That’s the counter to what the Amazin’s have produced? Let’s be clear, Corey Kluber has made 8 starts in two years. DJ LeMahieu is 33 years-old and will be over 38 when this extension runs dry. He’s not that good. Sorry Ben. Sorry Diff. Sorry Buddy. The Yankees ain’t the Mets. They are second fiddle now.

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