Immaculate Innings, Nick Saban on Rugby, Yanks’ Lucky 13

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NEW YORK, NY – It’s no secret that this pundit is a NY Mets fan. One that has seen awful get outdone in Amzain’ ways. But this… this is just too much. It’s gotten to the point – again – where I’m trying to find out the score in different ways (Game Day,, 1010 Wins,,, USA Today, ESPN?) because I’m the jinx. I’m the reason they suck. I need to be better… As for actually watching games, I stopped doing that during the Dodgers series… Apparently, I am NOT the problem. Yet I digress… You didn’t come here for yet another tear-soaked Mets therapy session and I’m weary of bearing this heavy Mets cross, so let’s get to today’s topics: Immaculate Innings, College Football, Yanks’ Lucky 13.

Immaculate Innings

Striking out the side is an impressive accomplishment on any level. Doing it in a Major League Baseball game is absolutely stellar. What Chris Sale did the other night, however, is goddamn miraculous! The Beantown flamethrower had some serious gas (beans + gas)  and was wicked feckin awesome, striking out three of Angry Ward’s Minnesota Twins… on 9 pitches! Now that’s wicked feckin’ Immaculate! But get this – he’s now done it THREE TIMES. Him and Sandy Koufax. What, only lefties are immaculate?

Nick Saban on Rugby

College football is back, baby! The players are getting some cash, too! THAT, and the fact that Nick Saban put the University of Alabama Rugby team on the map in a press conference (with the most over-hyped attempt at a joke ever), is all yours truly really knows about the whole thingy. Cut to the 8:23 mark.

Yanks’ Lucky 13

Like some cruel and wacky video game, the Yankees get stronger as the Mets get more meek. While the Mets were losing their 58th game in a row – a new-low-of-a-loss to the Nationals – the Bombers were blitzkrieging their way to their longest winning streak in 60 years. Adding insult to injury, it was 60 years ago to the day that the Mets won their first game. Just crazy.  13 in a row for the Pinstripers. Now THAT is Amazin

That’s all for today. Please feel free to share your thoughts below and come back tomorrow for the immaculate Grinding Ax Walt.

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