Sports Rain Man: Kevin Pillar, Ali Documentary and Frank Gore

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One of these guys is the greatest boxer of all time.

EL BARRIO, EL FALLS – Happy Monday. What a weekend. This fortnight has been and will be a stressful and demanding two weeks. Friday was my daughter’s birthday. Saturday was my wedding anniversary. The 30th is my mom’s birthday and October 1st is my son’s birthday. The first two events were especially rough, as I was the only one that wasn’t sick, so I had take the family to urgent care and all. Anyway, here is what I could whip up for today’s topics: Kevin Pillar, Ali Documentary & Frank Gore.

Kevin Pillar
The New York Mets are 7 games out of a Wild Card place with 12 to go. Their chances look very slim but what is making it even slimmer is the bad decisions by Brainless Luis Rojas. You had Pillar filling in admirably for Brandon Nimmo and now that Nimmo is back, Pillar is one the bench. The problem is Pillar provides offense and regular leftfielder Jeff McNeil is having a terrible season. So if you need hits down the stretch, why not play the better offensive player, as hits are at a premium? Is because Rojas worried about McNeil’s feelings? In a race to win a playoff spot, an under-performing player’s feelings shouldn’t matter. I mean he his big boy, he should understand, we tryna win games and he is in very poor run of form. Whether the Mets make the playoffs or not, it should be clear that Rojas has to go.

Ali Documentary

Junoir Blaber

Arguably the greatest documentarian in American history, Ken Burns, has a new documentary on Muhammad Ali. The first episode aired this weekend and to no one’s surprise, it was very well received. I haven’t gotten an opportunity to watch it but I am intrigued about all the aspects it doesn’t cover. Apparently it covers things like how the death of Emmett Till changed his view of America, his relationship with Malcolm X and his eventual split from the Nation of Islam. All of these are key points in Ali’s life that have not been examined individually but not as connecting to the overall timeline of his life. I think it will be will worth it viewing.

Frank Gore
Frank Gore is the 3rd leading rusher in NFL history. He is 37 and was looking to sign another NFL contract. Despite how bad the NY Jets were last season Gore still managed to rush for over 700 yards. Easily a first-ballot Hall of Famer, Gore claims he still has more left in the tank – yet nobody has picked him up. There were discussions with lots of teams but no one made a solid offer… So Gore went and found a new challenge, and that challenge was boxing. He has teamed up with Sweatbox Boxing to try and find some fights and become a legit boxer. Very late in the game, but I would never bet against Gore.

Thanks for reading, comment below and come back tomorrow for our Tuesday Morning QB, Ben Whitney.

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