Big Ben Tuesday: Are the New York Rangers and Knicks Better? Dark Days for the Jets.

When things get really bad, you call in Joe.

BROADWAY, NYC – The new and allegedly tougher New York Rangers and the offensively-improved Knicks have shown signs of being better early on. But are they? One thing is for sure; the New York Jets are not better. Let’s check in.

Big Bad Blueshirts

They had only scored 14 goals (with 2 empty netters) in 6 games with a goal differential of only plus 1. (Now make that 15 goals in 7 games with a minus 4). The power play has been a dreadful 3 for 24, with all 3 goals coming from Kreider tap ins from the doorstep. Panarin is giving it away like a horny teenage insomniac.

So the question is… Has the success been a result of the new, more gritty, straight-ahead style? Or just great goaltending and some luck? The jury is still out but winning ugly beats losing pretty.

There’s No D in Knickerbocker

New York went the opposite route, adding some offense at the cost of some good defensive players. I think the team’s first game vs Boston was a movie trailer for what’s to come this season. They have better offensive options to compliment Julius Randle but they’re not going to be the top defensive team they were last year.

More O please, hold the D

The Knicks had that game wrapped up but some inexplicable turnovers kept the Celtics in it. Then a huge defensive fire drill blunder by seemingly everyone on the floor led to a wide open three to tie it at the buzzer. The Knicks pulled it out in double OT, but it should have been easier.

Stinky Jets

A lot of ink was spilled this summer about whether the Jets did the right thing by moving on from Darnold and drafting Wilson. Well, what if the answer was: “none of the above?”

To me, Sam Darnold is around a league average QB. You give him protection, a running game, and a few weapons and he’ll look pretty good. But take away even one of those things, and his decision making and accuracy are suddenly Ryan Leaf-esque. 

Ben Whitney

Expectations were low this season for the Jets. All fans wanted to see was progress from their new QB and a semi-functional coaching staff. They’ve massively underperformed even those super low expectations. It’s like going on a Tinder date just hoping your date smells okay, but they turn out to smell like a sulfur explosion in an outhouse next to a pile of rotting shrimp. Ladies & gentlemen, your 2021 New York Jets.

Es todo para hoy. Come back tomorrow for the Ruler of Rage, the Duke of Displeasure, the Monarch of Madness – Angry Ward. Follow us on Twitter at @benwhit, @MeetTheMatts, @Matt_McCarthy00, Instagram @MeetTheMatts and like our Facebook page, Meet The Matts.
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