Sports Rain Man: J-E-T-S Lag, Giant(s) Headache, Bills Win NFL Rain Delay?!

The People of England, Saquon & Pulisic had a bad day.

EL BARRIO, EL FALLS – Happy Monday It is tough to talk about the whole NFL when I barely care about most of the teams, so I won’t comment on Urban Meyer dancing with college girls. And aside from wondering what Da Bears are doing with Nick Foles or Joe Burrow’s health. I care about 3 teams, primarily my NY Jets, that the NY Giants aren’t doing well and the Buffalo Bills, as I am in Bills territory. So here are today’s topics: J-E-T-S Lag, Giant(s) Headache, Bills Win NFL Rain Delay?!

J-E-T-S Lag: Lose 27-20 to Falcons 
If the people of England end up not really asking for anymore regular season NFL games it is probably because we are not sending our best and brightest. In previous seasons we have sent them win-less teams or shite squads like the Jaguars or Broncos. This time it was the Jets and Falcons. They ain’t getting Tom Brady or Aaron Rodgers. That is Observation ONE. Observation TWO is that it was strange to see USA Soccer’s best player, Christian Pulisic, who plays for a team in London (Chelsea) and whose injury kept him from helping the USA in the World Cup Qualifiers, at the game in a Jets jersey. He is from Hersey, PA but apparently likes the Jets. Not sure what it says about his judgement but there he was in Jets jersey rooting them on… Finally as for the game itself, if Zach Wilson treats the second half of the season like he does the second half of a game, the Jets got a chance to win 6 games. However, Mr. Big Arm needs to learn how to complete a screen pass. I watched him at the end of the first half, throw one short on a misdirection screen and into the back of a lineman’s head… on a tail back screen! That isn’t good enough. He may have had a better second half but there were still crucial 3rd down conversions not made. Ironically, it was Gang Green that looked JET-lagged.

Giant(s) Headache: Cowboys 44-20 Giants

Junoir Blaber

The New York Giants infirmary got a lot bigger this weekend. Three more key players were knocked out of the game. Big Blue lost QB Jones RB Barkley and WR Galloway Golladay. They are the Mets of the NFL with the injuries. Dallas, meanwhile, started slowly and it looked like it would a close game. However, Jones had to leave the game – in frightening fashion – and was replaced by… Mike Glennon, who!? Yeah, that’s what I said! The Cowboys poured it on in the second half and took over the game as the defense scored a TD of an interception and Dak Prescott looked like a big time QB and Zeke Elliott got to do more of his stupid “feed me” schtick because the Dallas offense became unstoppable scoring on three straight possessions’ (2 TD and a FG) to end the game and sit atop the NFC East with a respectable 4-1 record.

Watch the ugly aftermath of Jones’ head-to-head collision by clicking this.

Bills Win NFL Rain Delay?! Bills 38-20 Chiefs

Uh, I hate to be the one to say it after their deflating opening day performance, but we may need to take the Bills seriously. After winning last weekend and scoring 40 points, most people said it was over a hapless Texans side. Most expected a return to earth as they faced the AFC Champion Chiefs, who defeated them last year in the Championship game. Well that was not to be and all though it wasn’t a completing dominating performance like last week, it was equally as in impressive if not more as they held the Chiefs offense which is hard to contain. The Bills dominated on all sides of the ball and now firmly look like the team to beat in the AFC East and the AFC altogether. Oh, and what’s with rain delays in the football?! The stadium emptied out.

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