Sorry Cleveland Cavaliers, Kirk Cousins & Hank Conger: Saturday Is A Rugby Day!

HOUSTON, TX – Apologies in advance for not talking about Kirk Cousins finding K.J. Osborn for a 62-yard TD (and a win) on a THURSDAY. Sorry for not weighing in on YOUR Minnesota Twins hiring Hank Conger as first-base AND catching coach. Please accept the insincerest of mea culpas for ignoring 7 Cleveland Cavaliers scoring in double digits during a 123-106 win over Wolvestoo much Minny, right?! I’m also not going to mention being a vegan in Texas… See, none of that matters because I’m up to my eyeballs apoplectically faffing/working 75 National Collegiate Rugby matches down here in the Lone Star State, splitting time between play-by-play and the more important sexy sideline symbol/reporter. After all, Saturday is a Rugby Day.

Ain’t it high-time you went back to Sports School and learnt something, anyways? Why in tarnation would y’all be so gosh-danged close-minded?! Have a gander, dagnabbit:


That’s all for now, please leave your rucks and mauls below and come back for the 24th man on the the 23-player roster, Grinding Ax Walt.

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