Sports Rain Man: Bills Stun Pats, Jets Bag Jags, Eagles Claw Giants, plus Random Thoughts

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EL BARRIO, EL FALLS – Happy Monday We went two for three. The teams I care about won and the one I don’t like didn’t, so it was a decent weekend for me, what with Corona Christmas, and all. The Bills and Jets won, while the Giants looked lousy. With that, let’s get to today’s topics: Bills Stun Pats, Jets Bag Jags, Eagles Claw Giants, plus Random NFL Thoughts.  

Bills Stun Pats

Way to go, Buffalo! A couple of weeks back the Bills lost at home to the Patriots. Mac Jones threw only 3 passes and the Pats ran for over 250 yards. In this return fixture in Boston (Foxboro to be exact). The odds were on the Patriots winning big. But hold on, seems the Bills have decided to lean in QB Josh Allen’s run and throwing ability. They have more structured runs with him rolling out. Allen rewarded the team by throwing and running for TDs. Bufflalo never trailed as Allen threw for 3 TDs and was leading rusher. Starting running back Devin Singletary contributed as well. The Bills never trailed and forced Pats QB Mac Jones to actually throw. He was picked off twice. The rushing attack got the Pats 3 TD but when they closed the gap to 26-21 in the 4th quarter, Buffalo did what good teams do; they marched downfield and scored a TD. That made it 33-21 with 4 minutes left to play and it stayed that way.

Jets Bag Jags

If only the Jets could play the Jaguars every week…  The Jets were led by tight end Coach Ron Middleton because Head Coach Robert Saleh was unavailable re Covid. QB Zach Wilson didn’t throw for a lot, just over 100 yard but almost ran for 100 yards, aided by a 56-yard run for a TD and also throw for one. The defense stuffed the Jags attack, holding them to field goals and one rushing TD. Gang Green also got touchdown off a kick return. It was a complete team effort and the most impressive part was late in the fourth quarter when the Jets needed to play hard, take the lead and hold it. The Jets managed to do all of it and walk away with the win.

Eagles Claw Giants

Junoir Blaber

Buddy Diaz is doing the happy dance… The success Jake Fromm saw at the end of last week’s game appears to have been a fluke. Fromm struggled all game but really the Giants have so many injuries on the offensive side of the ball and the offensive line is/has been useless. The Jints couldn’t get much started, they even brought back long neck Mike Glennon – who did lead to a garbage time touchdown but it was way too late.  On the defense, the Eagles had their way, as QB Jalen Hurts threw for 2 touchdowns, while the running game also slammed for pay-dirt once. PERSONAL NOTE: The Giants are inept and it is fun as a Giants-hater to watch them.

Random Thoughts

Goodbye Crown Vic: I just found out that Short Matt turned in the Matts Mobile (’98 Crown Vic) for a new car. I actually got sad. I loved that thing the few times I was in it. It was so roomy and throwback to giant cars with a backseat that held me and my whole family. Seriously, when we were growing up we were a family of 5 and everyone got a seat except me. I would have to sit one of my parent’s lap. Shame we moved on from those kinds of cars, though I understand why.

Covid Baseball Analogy: I was reading a debate on Covid and how 98% of people survive infection. Someone compared that to a baseball game with 20,000 people and in the 8th inning they announced that 20 fans in attendance were going to die. Then somebody asks who was that bat. When someone responded, they said it was the 1965 Reds versus the 1927 Yankees. It’s Gibson pitching to Babe Ruth with a runner on 2nd. Now I know the fan made a mistake in saying Gibson, so it should have been the 65 Redbirds. And if that was the case, I am watching that at bat. Others can leave but I am at least watching that at bat then making a run for it. I got Gibson beating the Bambino with some high heat.

Thanks for reading, comment below and come back tomorrow for our Big Ben Whitney, who is pissed that Giants aren’t utilizing Mike Glennon in the paint more… He’s 6’7″…

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