Big Ben: Giants Need a Big Draft, Deebo Samuel, Gerrit Cole Cheating

EAST RUTHERFORD, NJ – A fan’s excitement level for the NFL Draft is inversely correlated to the recent success of your team. I’m fired up for the draft because again… the Giants sucked. Maybe this is the year they draft the guy who starts turning the boat around. Deebo Samuel sure helped turn the J-E-T-S boat plane around. And was Gerrit Cole cheating? Let’s get to it.

Gettleman’s Trail of Tears

All you need to know about the Giants is that they are currently trying to trade their first round pick from last season. Ladies and Gettleman, your New York Giants.

I’d like to get excited about Daboll & Schoen – but I can’t. They seem competent, but I’ve just been burned too many times lately [wipes tear]. The Giants have sucked for way too long. Someone make it stop.

Spend Some Green to get Deebo in Green

This guy was doing it before he got hurt.

You might think he’s just another greedy athlete but Deebo Samuel is doing the right thing in pushing for a big contract now. He’s in the last year of his deal and the Niners night decide to give him even more work than the ten odd carries and six or so catches a game he was getting – and really run him into the ground. What if he gets hurt and is never the same? This is football, he can’t sit around and wait for someone to beat the $300 million dollar offer he just turned down, like a certain right fielder in the Bronx.

The dude is a unique weapon and would help Wilson a lot if the Jets could pull it off. The Niners have the leverage so the Jets would probably have to cave and give up a lot. But add Deebo to Elijah Moore, Corey Davis, and Braxton Berrios and that’s a solid crew. Don’t forget Denzel Mims. Just kidding. Anyway, do it Jets.

Cole’s A$$ Wiping

And just like that the Yankees are in first place with a pretty solid looking pitching staff. I’m glad nobody panicked. Gerrit Cole finally had a good outing on Sunday. Was he cheating? I don’t know, maybe.

Well, do you expect the Yankees to pay him Spider-Tack rates in a Tack-Free world? How about we grandfather guys in until their contracts run out? It’s only fair, the Yankees never would have given him all that money.

Don’t get me right, the guy in that video makes some bad points. The nineteen to four pitches with high spin rate, is one example. Of course he would have a lot fewer of those in a crappy, sub two inning start than a six inning outing when he pitched well. But I sure wouldn’t rule cheating out just yet either.

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