Sports Rain Man: Zach Wilson Cougar Legend, MLB Futures Game, MLB Draft

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EL BARRIO, EL FALLSHappy Monday. I love Monday for no other reason than the kids go back to daycare/school and I can think again. Don’t judge me, these kids are exhausting. Anyway, here isĀ  what I will be covering today: Zach Wilson Cougar Legend, MLB Futures Game, MLB Draft.

Zach Wilson Cougar Legend

Junoir Blaber

Wilson is not a cougar legend because he played for the BYU Cougars. Nor is it that he took two Cougar cheerleaders to his HS prom – that is very impressive legend stuff. Anyway… the story goes that he and his girlfriend broke up and she started dating his friend, former teammate and roommate Dax Milne. Congrats to her for pulling the roommate switcheroo. The guys weren’t current roommates, which by rules of Seinfeld, are key demerits against her. She was accusing of being unloyal and “homie hoping,” I don’t do love life shaming so I didn’t care or pay attention. She decided to get on Twitter and say the homie hopper is Wilson, as he went “the full gradute” (I have trademarked that), with his mom’s good friend. This accusation set the internet, in particular Twitter on fire. THAT is how Wilson became a cougar legend. I won’t go into any more details because it has become a sideshow and has made Wilson the butt of jokes. He has no choice but to power through them and focus on playing well.

Courtesy of the NY Post

MLB Futures Game

The concept of the MLB Futures Game is to replace the Old-Timers Game with a game of the soon to be stars of the game. This is to mimic the NBA Futures Game. It is mainly Double A and Triple A talent and there was a lot of talent on display. However, no one got to see it because for some ungodly reason, MLB signed an agreement to let Peacock show it. This is what frustrates me. When streaming came around, it ended cable, as you could get all you need in a couple of places. But now the cable companies have decided to monetize streaming, so they are trying to break up the shows by networks again. Unfortunately, with the increased cost, people weren’t going to pay for just channels. The production studios then did away with the channels and took ownership, so you can watch their shows from different networks. Now you have Peacock, with its share of local TV channels and sports network. But who has Peacock?! Not that many people and it is not easy to get a game on in a nice local pub because they charge the bar too much. In the end, loads of people missed out on seeing some great players by the players of the future.

MLB Draft

The two top picks of this year’s draft will make you feel old. The first pick was Jackson Holliday, son of former Cardinal Matt Holliday and the second pick take was by Arizona Diamondbacks who took Druw Jones, son of Atlanta Braves OF Andruw Jones. This is the first time it has happened in baseball draft history that the first two were sons of former players. Hopefully we see them in a Futures Game that is properly televised. Time will tell, doubt be surprised how these young players turn out.

Thanks for reading, feel free to comment below. Come back tomorrow for our Ben Whitney, is pissed he didn’t get the invite to Ben & Jen’s Vegas wedding.

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