Buffalo Bills Win Super Bowl, Seinfeld On Mets, Brady Breakup

CHEEKTOWAGA, NY – The #Queen died. More importantly, however, we had a mix-up re today’s columnist at MTM HQ, so yours truly is toeing the rubber.  Here’s what I’m hurling up here: Buffalo Bills Win Super Bowl, Seinfeld On Mets, Brady Breakup.

Buffalo Bills Win Super Bowl

Wide Right. Forward Lateral. No Goal. These three phrases remain seared in any Buffalo sports fan’s memory. In fact, I had a T-shirt with those three phrases on it. All represent doom. A curse. But buffalobilly84 is shuffling off to Buffalo up in Cheektowaga, as the curse was broken last night. See, the Da Bills beat the St. Louis Rams of Los Angeles last night – in L.A.! Since this is the match-up most experts see as the next Super Bowl Big Game pairing, we needn’t slog through another season of boring, parity-driven, commercial-laden, 17-minutes-of-action-in-three-hours, insomnia-curing crap. Our purported best teams battled and our champion has been crowned… Speaking of crowns, the Queen passed hers on to England’s version of Hunter Biden.

Now on to baseball… The Yankees lost!!!

Seinfeld On Mets

The wife and I were watching when the whole Timmy Trumpet thing was unfolding. If you’re not up to speed on all things Mets, closer Edwin Diaz comes into the game to trumpet music played by Timmy Trumpet. It’s quick and it’s cool. Cool, that is, until they tried fixing something that wasn’t broke. They had Timmy do it live… and he made WAY TOO BIG A DEAL about it. I shook my head and said to the missus, “This is going on too long and is about the trumpet guy, not the pitcher. The guy just wants to focus and pitch, not listen to this nitwit play another page of music.” And you know what? Great minds think alike. Fellow cursed (there’s that word again) Mets fanatic, Jerry Seinfeld, felt the same way. In fact, he took it to social media and is blaming the the horn blower for the Metsies losing their mojo. Check this out:

But hey, it was pretty cool that Steve Cohen flew the guy in – he’s Australian – and had him interacting with fans. The Wilponzies would NEVER have done that. Great idea, just a tad ambitious in execution. I give it an A- (because I’m a douche). It’s Amazin’ how quickly one can adjust and nitpick the spoils of good ownership. Love you, Steve.

Brady Breakup

If you love your job and been better than everyone else at it, have a ton of money, three kids and a hot wife, do you stop playing if said wife asks you too? Since none of you can approach being qualified to answer that question, let’s turn to someone that is, Thomas Edward Patrick Brady Jr.: Mister Brady (thanks Alice) says no. Will this quest for another Super Bowl Big Game ring at a Gordie Howe-like 45 years young spell the end of Gis-Tom? Stay tuned. FYI Gisele Bundchen made 40 million last year and is worth $400,000,000.00 – so they don’t need the cash.

That’s it for me. Leave a message below and come back tomorrow for either Different Matt or Cam James, whomever succumbs first to the barrage of messages from MTM HQ.

P.s... Fun Fact: Joe Montana’s son Nate played QB at the University of… Montana.


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